The Science Museum

My last day in London, for this trip at least
Was dawning next morning, but I am pleased
To tell you how I spend the remaining three hours
Not sunbathing, pub-crawling or taking showers
No! To the Science museum I directed my steps
There to delve into the deepest depths
Of Man's wicked soul and torture-racked body
Of pain and affliction and fear, dark and soddy
This exhibit called Pain through gruesome example bade
Us understand that we must love all things that God made

Be it sickness of body, or sickness of mind
Innumerable sufferings, hard and unkind
Can afflict our senses which really are meant
To behold Nature's beauty, so glorious and grand
If they turn against us, make life living hell
Our mind screaming clings to its pain-ridden shell
We often feel drawn to the things that we hate
Acrophobics stand mesmerized on a high gate
Religion is often on the atheist's mind
And thus torture and pain fascinating I find

The instruments of torture which the Catholic Church
Employed with great zeal in an unholy urge
To finish a work which no God wanted done
Include, we all know it, this world-famous one:
It looks like a sarcophagus standing upright
A Maiden of Iron, spikes wicked and tight
Pierce into the victim, once the casket is closed
Blood will be spilled, to kill or to maim, finely dosed

With this (Maiden-related!) picture in mind
Let's leave the museum and England, be kind
My dear reader and let me proceed
To my next pilgrimage journey which will lead
Us to a milder and welcoming southern clime
But that, of course, is yet another rhyme ...