My Pictures

On my Maiden pilgrimages, I've made a load of pictures which I could not all include in my Pilgrimage thread. So I thought I'd just make a gallery for them. You'll find also some non-Maiden pics of me.


My pilgrimages:

Paschendale (April 2004)

Jersey (May 2004)

London (June 2004)

Eddie's Bar (August 2004)

Portugal (August 2004)

The Pyrenees (August 2004)

Montsegur (September 2004)

Carcassonne (September 2004)


Hi-on Maiden:

St Vith (December 2004)

Verviers (December 2004)

Colchester (New Year's Eve 2004)


Austria (February 2004)

Bruceair (June 07, 2005)

Paris (June 25, 2005)


Cathy through the ages

My bass ( ... or: it's fun pretending to be a rockstar)

My tattoos ( ... no, I still haven't got an Eddie tat)

Nude pictures of me