The Duellist

I resolve to forgo buses, tubes and the like
Cause this day is so wonderful, I want to hike
Along the blue Thames, thus meanders my way
I'm enjoying the bird songs and watching kids play

Chiswick High Road, Kew Bridge Road, through Brentford I stride
And finally Twickenham Road comes in sight
But before I disclose why on earth I felt drawn
To this place, let me tell what I sighted upon:
Curious and open-eyed, tourist-like style
I look at each signpost, each mural, each tile
When I see on a wall this inscription - oh shock!
This house was inhabited by old Van Gogh!

Intriguing indeed, oui mais quelle chance
That he not only painted in the Provence
It's nice when you see things you'd never expect
While travelling abroad, that's a real cool fact
But no more digressions from me for today
Back to the purpose at hand and I'll say

With no further ado what the hell I intend
To visit in Isleworth: Pit, Tower or tent
Not the one, nor the other, but Bruce fans will stop
The reference was obvious: I look for his shop!
He lives for the touch, for the feel of the steel
I hear he's a fencer, with passion and zeal
But not Flash of the Blade, no, Duellist is named
This fencing equipment shop, whose owner is famed

For screaming onstage like an air-raid siren
And making girls drool over him like Lord Byron
Check out the shop's homepage, it's worth all the while
It tells of his fencing and has Maiden clips on file

(in the "History" part, to be precise. Though they could bar the word "new" when referring to the Rock in Rio DVD .... )

Like all good things that come to an end
I took a tumble upon a tube station bench
The day had been grand, the trip had been great
Now my forces are spent, and the time's growing late
Farewell, dear old London, tomorrow we part
But not ere I have seen some exhibits of art ...