I'm checking my tube plan, District Line it shall be
For today in West London I'm running free
At Turnham Green station I alight soon enough
While looking around, I can't help thinking of
A mag interview in which Bruce once proclaimed
That he "lived in the 'burbs" and "Chiswick" he named
As the place he had chosen (and Jan I think, too)
To recover from stress and find strength for the new
Gigs and CDs, DVDs - all the stuff
Which we Maiden fans never get enough of
So in Chiswick I stand and breathe the same air
As Bruce once did (well, not really, to be fair
If I had, I'd be dead, suffocated, I guess)
But in Chiswick I am, and happy, I confess!

For this place is so pleasant, I check out a pub
Called the Old Pack Horse, with neat beer and grub
Across from the street, a park can be seen
It begs me, come strolling on Turnham Green!

I follow the call and linger some more
Then along Chiswick High Road I check out the stores
Perfume and clothes, home decoration, quite neat
Like in Luxembourg almost I feel in this street!
But soon I grow hungry and before I proceed
To the next Maiden site, I'll go eat!
On High Street I'd noticed, across from the park
A place called "La Tasca", a cool tapas bar
As you see in this picture, the interior is sweet
And the gambas are great, I recommend it, indeed!