Sanctuary Towers

When Arry first started his wonderful band
He had to fight club owners, making a stand
Thank Rod that this task did not rest for too long
Upon his sole shoulders, cause soon came along
The aforementioned Rod, a man strong and tough
A bloke like a small wood, and caring enough
About Arry's band to decide (without greed!):
"You're playing the music, I'm taking the heat!"
At his first Maiden gig, he came, listened, saw
And offered the boys: Sanctuary from the law!

The Tower's not only a wonderful song
But also a real place if I am not wrong
So the following day, the sun blazing hot
I set out to find Skunk's location spot
Thank Rod that their homepage states clearly on top
Their adress in London: my next pilgrim stop!

In the Kensington area, not far from Earl's Court
(Where last December I greatly adored
A wonderful Maiden show, yay, what a gig
I hope they'll release it on DVD quick)
In Kensington, I say, to be yet more precise
In Sinclair Road the Sanctuary Group's lair lies
A residential street, all quiet and serene
And there: a red-brick house with cameras that screen
The entrance door which sports the following sign:
SANCTUARY - that's hospitable I find

It's not a private home and as the company took care
To state the adress on their homepage very clear
I guess they will not mind that with my camera
I take a picture of it, quickly, from afar.