It's getting late now, the sun is setting fast
My belly starts to rumble, it's time at last
To check out a place that no Maiden fan scoffs:
The exquisite fish'n chips resto called Toff's.
It's really not far (well, for London at least)
Cause I am already in London's northeast
And Toff's, Nicko's pasture of choice, I am told
Is in Muswell Hill, so that way I now hold.
From the station I amble along a large park
Up and down goes the street, oops, it's soon getting dark
The place comes in sight, thank Rod THAT's really there
Come on, let's enter, I'm hungry like a bear.

Behind the counter, two cooks are preparing food
The place is cozy and small, I'm in a good mood
The fish that I order is tasty and good
To think that in this room Nicko often stood.
Tonight I'm unlucky, the drummer's not here
But I nevertheless get a nice souvenir:

When I ask for a bill with the logo on it
They give me a postcard of Toff's for free with it!

A wonderful ending to a wonderful day
I hope that my pilgrimage stays that way!