Acacia Avenue

The next Maiden sight that I wanted to see
Was damn hard to get to, you can believe me
I was running around, looking for the right bus
I finally found it, but the driver did fuss:
In London you need, let me tell you this fact,
If you're boarding a bus, the bus fare exact!
“Oh my Rod, won't you change these ten pounds please for me?”
Nope. But the driver was nice, so I got this ride free.

"Please notify me at the stop I want out"
"This bus does not go there" he grumbles about
!!! Oh no, don't you tell me I'm on the wrong bus!
But lo and behold, at my bus stop he was
Stopping alright, just like the bus plan had said
Hmm, ain't that a strange thing … ahh well, let's be glad.

To come back to my story (I digress way too much)
I alighted and found that the houses were such
That a lady like Charlotte could hardly expect
Her neighbours to look kind on her whoring project
Because: yes, indeed! You have guessed it, my friend
After Acacia ROAD, I have found at the end
Acacia AVENUE where "a new knocking shop"
(As Bruce said on video) dear Charlotte set up
So here we have it, at the street sign I pose
I don't care that it rains, when my Charlie is close
I'm walking along the Maiden-famed street
To the house numbered two and twenty indeed

!!!!! THUD !!!!!
Oh no, I am fainting. Dear Rod, this can't be!
The houses are numbered to ONE SIDE ONLY!
How odd that the odd numbers all are present
But of the even, not even ONE is extant!
A long row of houses and across the street
A meadow, plain grass and no Charlotte I meet!

This quest for Acacia is getting to me
Damn, this hooker's elusive, just how did she
Hook up with punters when these blokes, though well-hung,
Cannot find the damn place! I’m getting unstrung.
But as I stand there and ponder these things
A thought, light and happy, comes to me on wings:
And I know that our Charlotte, her home and her heart
Will live on forever in Maiden's great art
A house falls to ruins, Grim Reaper's unkind
But stories and dreams live on in our mind!