Next stop on my list, I've announced this before
Was a town named Hackney, for it held in store
The memories of Adrian, Nicko and Dave
Who've spent here their youth with an urge and a crave
To play in a Metal band and make girls swoon.
I jumped on a train and arrived very soon
In Hackney Central which actually's quite small
I walked down the platform, along a high wall

There was the main street, the traffic was loud
The whole population of Hackney seemed teeming about!
I turned to my left and was wandering along
A street filled with shops and I saw here among
The customers young guys, my mind was alive
Imagining H hanging round here with Dave

At the end of the street I turned right and my eye
Fell on a street sign saying Clapton, oh my!
Adrian is known (and I remember, you see)
To have said on the RiR DVD
That both Davey and he grew up around here
A few streets apart from each other. How queer
That I should find this, without looking for it
As Maiden detective I really seem fit!

After the busy noise of High Street I'm glad
To find some quiet in a green park instead
An old man was sitting on a bench and he fed
The pigeons with bread crumbs which totally met
With approval from the dove population
They gathered around and picked up their ration
Pity I had to get back to the station!

My pilgrimage was not yet over that day
And again I boarded the train on my way
To Tottenham now, so what is there to see?
If you wanna know, then read on, follow me!