Next morning (twas afternoon, to tell the truth)
I got out of bed and headed, forsooth,
Again to the East End, this time I would see
The place where was born and raised young Arry
To Leytonstone took me the Central Line
The tube station there is unusual, but fine
Mosaics with curious scenes I saw there
I'd seen them before, but I could not tell where

Outside the station a pleasant small town
Was welcoming me and begged me look round
The first thing I noticed was a bus setting out
For Romford where Steve has a mansion, I shout:
"Coincidence maybe, but lo! my neck pricks
The number that bus has is really SIX SIX!!!"

I wander along an overgrown park
When a mention of Hitchcock lights my mind like a spark
These pictures in the station of course I have seen
In many a famous thriller crime scene
So the hometown of Maiden's bassist and chief
Has also seen Hitchcock growing up and achieve
In movies what Maiden in metal has done:
Setting standards of excellence never outshone!

At the end of the park I come up to a church
A haven of peace begs me linger and search
Not for glorious bassists, but try comprehend
What these places and streets for the people have meant
Who went to this church and spilled out bitter tears
People like me and you, with hopes and with fears

I set out to amble along the High Street
To get acquainted with this place, but indeed
Still another purpose is driving me too
It's Adrian's song about house twenty-two
I've checked all the EastEnd maps that I could find
With that infamous Acacia in mind
In Leytonstone there's an Acacia Road
Well maybe poetic licence won out
I resolved that I wanted to put a face
To the road, went there and photographed the place:

Hmmm well, it's not really what I expected
The number in question is hardly detected
A redbrick building, with appartments en masse
Each flat got a house number, a while I discuss
Whether it's worth checking which flat's twenty-two
I decide this ain't the place of you-know-who
Charlotte's flat (you'd agree) looks different indeed
In my mind I picture the window and street
But nevertheless I enjoyed the promenade
And before it starts raining get back to the gate
Of the tube station cause my next stop will be
Adrian's birthplace, a town called Hackney

Oh wait, I forgot, there's still something to tell:
You know what I saw on my quest for Charlotte's dwell?
Quite a big sign, hung high on some house's wall
The sign read: "Maiden"! Oh ye metal Gods all

The finger of Rod pointing down to the spot
Where Maiden was founded, a place cool and hot?
A message from Arry? I had not a clue
So I took a pic and preserved it for you.

But I will no more linger in Leytonstone
It's H-time now! Come on, let's not wait and moan
Soon I will walk the streets where H grew up. Cool!
I'm all excited, let me tell on and drool.