Eddie's Bar

In the middle of August, I started anew
On my fourth Maiden pilgrimage leading me to
The southern most part of Portugal the Great
Country of seafarers and Eurocup-state
2700 kilometers IS quite far
But ey, for that I'll get a drink in Eddie's Bar!

I drove with my car all through France and through Spain
Until I reached Loulé, where I was to remain
For the next fourteen days I'd booked a hotel
Overseeing a park, with a pool there as well.

The people in Loulé, I noticed it fast
Where friendly and open-minded to guests
Obrigado (thank you) and por favor (please)
Were only my first words in Portuguese!
This little town had delightful small ruas
Paved with old cobblestones, and azulejas
On the walls of the houses. My eyes could not stop
To take in the beauty of each garden, each shop.

But let me no longer babble on about this
I know you're all eager and telling me "Please
Proceed to the reason you came to Loulé!"
Okay, let's proceed then, I'll tell you my story.

To the east of Loulé lies a pleasant small place
Called Santa Barbara de Nexe where these days
Dozens of villas sparkle white in the sun
Most tourists are English, into whom I have run.
In the Rua de Loulé I'm parking my car
At last, here I am standing at Eddie's Bar!

An imposing large house it is, over the door
Hangs a sign showing our Eddie and more
Eddies yet (from Killers and Trooper Ed too)
Are proudly depicted on the entrance for you.
Okay, now let's enter and see what´s inside
In awe I open the door on this very first night.

The place is not huge, it is cozy and dark
But the treasures you find there, to look at and hark!
Maiden videos from two TVs are welcoming me
And other good music (like Sabbath and AC/DC)
Is also here played, it's the best place to spend
Some time with a beer, listening to our band!

Six bunks are erected along the two walls
And a pool table stands in the middle for all
To play and enjoy this game at which Steve
(I have read in an interview) really is chief!

The bar at the center of this great hide-out
Is decorated with memorabilia hanging about
Backstage passes, stickers and look at the ceiling!
There are suspended some fans' bras with feeling.

It's impossible to tire of looking around
At every inch, a new highlight is found -
old pictures of Trust, signed pictures with Steve
and T-shirts and posters and, would you believe
Two huge Sarcophagi from the Powerslave tour
Are protecting the bar from evil that men do I'm sure.
Inside a casket lies Eddie, quite dead is he
And the Maiden guys are telling him cheerfully:

A great advice, I wish he'd heeded the call
For cigarettes are bad, whether you're big or small
All this looking around got my throat very dry
I return to the bar and I decide to try
Out this tap beer, Sagres Imperial - sounds great
And tastes just as wonderful to my palate!

For more pictures by other fans please refer
To the wonderful French site of Eddie's Bar
There you find information in French and English
And in Portuguese too, so if you want to relish
A great site dedicated to the best of bars
Go to this page, I'll give it 5 stars!

In Eddie's Bar I met some wonderful guys
First of all - this should come as no surprise
To all the people who know him - Manu
(Formerly part of the Maiden road crew
And now the bar's tender) is so great indeed
Good-humoured and friendly, with a smile he does greet
The Maiden fans entering into his lair
Who knows him must like him - that's what I declare!

On the very first evening I bought from Manu
An Eddie's Bar cap and the bar's T-shirt too
The T-shirt's inscription reads: "Fear of the Fart"
With Eddie depicted in toilet-style art
On this picture you see me next to some friends
I made in this bar, also true Maiden fans
A guy and a girl from the south part of Spain
And though I don't speak that language, in the main
We communicated quite well talking of
Maiden songs, gigs we had seen and such stuff
The bonds of friendship are tied quickly and strong
If you talk in the wonderful Maiden tongue!

Apart from the T-shirt and cap I bought too
Two bottles of infamous Ed's Evil Brew
I still haven't tasted this bottled French wine
But I'm sure that the drop is delicious and fine

So much for the things that I bought in the bar
But don't think that I end here. Oh no, cause by far
The most interesting story I still have in store
You see, I returned to Ed's Bar 9 times more
This place was so ace, it gave me the kicks
And guess what then happened on night number six?

I know you are anxious, so I won't digress
And tell you straight out what I love to confess:
I met him!!! I met You-know-who!!!
(No, not Lord Voldemort, ) Steve Harris!!! it's true!!!!
I still can't believe it that truly I'd meet
Iron Maiden's great founder, but I did indeed!!!
My excitement and nervousness was quite severe
See, I'm still talking in exclamation marks here!!!
Manu's sister, a wonderful woman she is,
Announced on the doorstep that tonight Steve Harris
Was sitting in person inside Eddie's pub
But when I then saw him, my tension did drop
And my heart started hammering inside my breast
Do I want this? What if he behaves like an ass?
"Excuses!" you tell me, "You just did not dare
To walk up to Arry and talk to him there."
Quite true, strangely shy and weak-hearted I face
The challenge of addressing our king of the bass.

I need not have feared, this I realized soon
Cause Steve was so nice and so friendly. I swoon
Just by thinking about the way that he smiled
At this (certainly red-faced) fan all the while
I asked for an autograph (I know, that was lame)
And a picture (lame too, but I asked all the same).
He agreed, and I'm happy to show you here
A picture of Arry and me - great souvenir!

My wit and eloquence were drowning, dear Rod
In his gentle eyes and I almost forgot
To tell him about our EPS group
But lest I appear like an idiot or n00b
I pulled myself together and explained
To Steve how through Iron Maiden we've gained
Inspiration to write and create works of art
And became the best friends as well. I, the bard,
Turned EPS promoter for this one night
And that, most truly, to my greatest delight!
Steve did me the favour to also sign
Our EPS logo, see this picture of mine:

But the evening, like all good things, did end
I left completely happy and content
But after a while I started to repent
The fact that I had none of my poems at hand
To show to Steve Harris, so quickly I went
And printed them out, for the unlikely event
That I'd meet him again, and I did in the end!
(now that's what I call a 'kin end-rhyme. )

You cannot imagine my happiness when
I got the opportunity to talk to him again
And tell him about my pilgrimage thread
And also about his birthday song, I'm glad!

To make my EPS promotion complete
I purchased a T-shirt and managed indeed
To find a shop which printed our logo
Onto it and I almost went loco
Before I found a shop that could sell
Me a pen to write on the T-shirt as well

This work of art (well sort of, at least)
I presented to Manu, who seemed quite pleased
It 's not as flashy as some other fans' banners
But I think it reflects the EPS spirit and manners.

My present to Manu

Another impulsive young lady's banner

These events, I swear it, forever will be
Etched indelibly into my memory
All in all a great time I had had so far
But there's more to Portugal than just Eddie's Bar
So read on and let me tell you about
The other sites (one Maiden-related!) I checked out!