Part 16

Soon after, back on cloud 22 ...

Raphael: At the count of three, you shall wake up … one … two … three.
Lilith: Hmmm, hi Raphael. Ah, I feel good, my headache is completely gone. Thanks so much, you’re a darling.
Raphael: I’m glad I could be of help … ehm … listen, Lil, you mentioned something before …
Lilith: Yes?
Raphael: Yeah, well, about me talking in my sleep?
Lilith: You know that you look cute when you’re asleep?
Raphael: Stop that, that’s not what I wanted to hear. And I don’t like it when you’re sneaking up on me while I’m sleeping. I told you already. Why do you keep doing it?
Lilith: I’m sorry, but where’s the harm? I didn’t wake you up.
Raphael: That’s not the point. I don’t want to be spied upon. And I don’t want to be stalked!
Lilith: I’m not stalking you.
Raphael: Well, that’s how it feels to me.
Lilith: I’m sorry.
Raphael: Hmm, well, anyway, can you remember what exactly I was mumbling in my sleep? Did it make any sense?
Lilith: Oh, it was very revealing. You were confessing that you have always loved me …
Raphael: WHAT?
Lilith: And all the things you would like to do to me …
Raphael: Are you kidding?
Lilith: … but never dared to ask …
Raphael: Stop that! Be serious, Lil.
Lilith: Hihi, no, I’m sorry. Unfortunately that’s not what you said.
Raphael: Well, I’m relieved to hear that.
Lilith: I guess that’s only my wishful thinking. Have I ever told you that I think you’re the nicest angel around here?
Raphael: Yeah, you have mentioned it before … no, but, Lil, seriously now. What about my sleep-talking? What did I say? Were you listening for a long time?
Lilith: Long enough …
Raphael: Lil! Don’t ever do that again. I want to feel secure in my sleep. I don’t want you to come for me, while I lie asleep in the midst of a dream. So, what DID you hear?
Lilith: You mentioned Lucifer. I didn’t even know you two were buddies.
Raphael: What makes you think we are? Anyway, in restless sleep the mind’s in turmoil and one does not necessarily speak the truth. So you should pay no attention to it. ... What else did I say?
Lilith: You seemed to be a bit worried that Lucifer was asking too much of you. You sounded pleading and you were apologizing for being too late.
Raphael: That was all?
Lilith: Why are you so interested in all this?
Raphael: Well, I just want to know what I’m doing when I’m unconscious, that’s all. No deeper meaning behind that. You better forget what you heard, ok? Promise me!
Lilith: I remember, shortly before you awoke, you were mentioning a revolution …
Raphael: I did WHAT? Fuck! Well … ehm … I probably meant revolting … must have been talking about some disease …
Lilith: Oh, Raphael, you know that you cannot lie, but you look even cuter when you’re trying to.
Raphael: What do you mean?
Lilith: You were NOT talking about some disease. You were talking about Lucifer’s revolution plans.
Raphael: What plans?
Lilith: Don't insult my intelligence. I'm perfectly able to count two and two together. Lucifer is up to something and he's about to drag you down with him. Am I correct?
Raphael: Ehm, no. He's not dragging me down …
Lilith: Raph, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. I’m worried. You are too nice to team up with the likes of Lucifer. Who does he think he is? Plotting against Rod? Is he crazy? This is doomed to fail and I don’t want to see you hurt because of his crazy ideas, and …
Raphael: Wait a minute, Lil! I never said anything like that. That’s just your imagination. Stop worrying about me. I guess I’m old enough to look after myself.
Lilith: I had a nightmare about you last night. I felt like I was cast into a trance and the nightmare carried on. I feel it, something terrible is about to happen to you ...
Raphael: Stop worrying. I’m telling you, everything is alright. Look, I have to leave now, but promise me not to tell anybody about this, ok? Please, Lilith?
Lilith: Why?
Raphael: Well, because your accusations are founded on a dream and on your wild interpretations of my sleep-ramblings. That’s a bit thin to accuse anybody of rebellion.
Lilith: Hmm, I’m not so sure. Anyway, I would never accuse Lucifer, if there is only the slightest chance that I might bring harm over you in the process as well.
Raphael: Ehh, ok. Good then. Well, I have a meeting soon …
Lilith: Will you ever love me?
Raphael: I like you, Lilith. Of course I do.
Lilith: That’s not exactly what I was asking. Raph, listen …
Raphael: No! Not now. I’m late. We gonna talk later, ok? See you. And don’t forget … you promised …
Lilith: Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell anyone. I’ll probably be working tonight, when you come home … I guess I see you tomorrow then. Bye, Raphael.
Raphael: Yeah, bye.