Part 15

Shortly after, on cloud 16 ...

Uriel: Hi Gabe. I hope you don’t mind that I accompanied Raph.
Gabriel: Nah, not at all, come on in. The more, the merrier.
Uriel: Wow, you don’t look tired at all. Amazing, considering you were probably the last in bed yesterday.
Gabriel: Ac-tual-ly … I wasn’t in bed at all. Hehe, but I’m fit as fuck, I must say. Coffee, that’s the secret. You should try that too, Raphy.
Raphael: I have … it didn’t work.
Gabriel: Hehe, poor Raphy.
Raphael: Don’t start tousling me …
Gabriel: Too late …
Raphael: Hmmm …
Gabriel: So, did Lilith let you sleep?
Raphael: Yeah well, she woke me up at half past 12, but I managed to put her back to sleep.
Uriel: Raph has a good method how to get rid of unwanted callers. He told me on the way.
Gabriel: Hehe, yeah well, be careful she doesn’t find out. She might be pissed.
Raphael: No chance she will find out, don’t worry.
Uriel: So, what’s up? Lots of work?
Gabriel: Nah, just the usual stuff, announcements, orders, interviews, spotlights flaring and loudspeakers blaring ... Watch out, Ury, duck down your head!
Uriel: Oops, what was that, the Tasmanian devil? It’s like a madhouse in here, why are all those people running around?
Gabriel: That’s only the reporters from the Sun and Steel. They also have their headquarters in the Tower, on the floor above the Lovers. You know, that cheesy penny dreadful publishing house? Yeah, the Sun and Steelers are busybees. I heard some rumours about a problem with the Phantom down at the Opera. Of course, now the eager reporters have to be on the site as quickly as possible.
Raphael: Wouldn’t be a job for me…
Gabriel: Hehe, no, definitely not. Though, I must say you look less tired today.
Raphael: Oh, yeah, I had a good morning’s sleep after all. Although the waking-up was a bit alarming.
Gabriel: Yep, that’s why they call it alarm-clock, you know.
Raphael: Huh?
Gabriel: You said “alarming”. I tried to make a pun … ah, never mind. Why alarming?
Uriel: Because of Lilith.
Gabriel: Ah, she decided to hit on you again.
Raphael: Kind of, yeah. But I was able to handle it …
Uriel: You know, Raph, I don’t think it’s wise to hypnotize her each time she wants to talk to you. You cannot put her to sleep her whole life.
Gabriel: He’s right, Raphy. One day, you have to sort it out with her. Having your face in the sand all the time's no good. Besides, what's so terrible about getting your face someplace else?
Raphael: Huh? Sand? ... I know I have to talk to her some day, but not right now. Anyway, once this revolution business is over, chances are we’re not seeing each other again. So I might not have to sort it out after all …
Gabriel: Now, who is the chicken here?
Raphael: Hmm, you know, I want my peace from her, why doesn’t she get it?
Uriel: Because you haven’t told her.
Raphael: I did, kinda. I dropped hints.
Gabriel: Well, she obviously didn’t understand them. You're too subtle, Raphy boy.
Raphael: Yeah, but that’s not my fault.
Gabriel: Hmmm …
Uriel: What’s up, mate? You look a bit worried. Something you wanna share?
Gabriel: Can’t hide any concerns from you, Ury, ey? Well, I can’t stop thinking … actually I’m having a hard time trying NOT to think about what might happen to us, if we fail …
Uriel: You know, there's no use worrying about it. We will find out soon enough. You better think positive.
Gabriel: Yeah, yeah, I’m trying too. But yesterday night, when I saw that lobotomized waiter in the Mariner, I must admit, I got kinda scared.
Raphael: Apparently that’s only an urban legend.
Gabriel: Well, he looked real enough to me.
Uriel: No, Raph, it’s not. It has been reported in the Sun and Steel …
Raphael: Are you saying you believe everything that’s written in there?
Uriel: Well …
Gabriel: No, of course not, most of the things in there are bullshit anyway. But what worries me much more, is that there has been no statement from Rod or his army … You know, if it wasn’t true, they would sue them, now wouldn’t they?
Uriel: Exactly my thinking.
Raphael: Hmm, I haven’t thought about that. So you think that might happen to us as well? Lobotomation?
Gabriel: -tomy.
Raphael: To you?
Gabriel: No, the word's lobotomy, you said lobotomation. Ah, don't matter. Yes, and I’m scared shitless about that prospect. You know, I don’t want to sacrifice myself for some of Luce’s infinite dreams.
Uriel: Well, Gabe, don’t forget that we all agreed to join. So it's not only HIS dream. You must have found something appealing in the project too, otherwise you wouldn't have joined.
Gabriel: Well, yeah … you’re right. But still … Right now I find it more appalling than appealing.
Uriel: Don’t worry, actually I have a good feeling about this whole business. It’s never been done before, a group joining efforts for a common cause. That’s exactly what it takes to win, in my opinion.
Gabriel: Hmmm, hehe, yeah, ok, you convinced me. So we’re on an easy path towards a bright future, illuminated by the brightest of angels … Carry the light for us, Lucy.
Uriel: I’m not saying it will be easy, but it's feasible. And we have the big asset that so far nobody knows about our plan.
Gabriel: Ha, well, Sariel found out.
Raphael: Sariel is on our side …
Gabriel: That’s not the point, Raphy. If he has been able to find out, others might too. Look around you, this place is full to the brim with nosy reporters.
Uriel: Well, we’re lucky then that they’re busy with the phantom.
Raphael: Oh, fuck …
Gabriel: What?
Raphael: I remembered something.
Uriel: Bad news?
Raphael: I’m not sure …
Gabriel: Hey, stop this, I’m the one doing the cryptic allusions, you better speak plain, otherwise you’re making me nervous. What’s the matter?
Raphael: Lilith. This morning she told me something …
Gabriel: And what? Come on, Raph, tell us.
Raphael: Apparently I'm talking in my sleep.
Uriel: Oh-oh. Better not let Luce know.
Gabriel: What? You were talking about the revolution in your sleep? And she was listening? Raph, do you know what you’re saying here?
Raphael: Well, I don’t know what I was sleeptalking about, I didn’t let her speak. I thought she wanted to tell me about her infatuation with me, and I definitely didn’t want to hear that.
Uriel: Well, maybe you didn’t talk about the revolution …
Gabriel: Of course he talked about the revolution. Don’t be naïve, Ury. It’s what’s on his mind right now. I’m sure she knows.
Raphael: Look, it’s not something I can control, ok? I didn’t do it on purpose.
Gabriel: Oh, fuck, Raph, you know that she is having her business with half of Rod’s army at least? What if she tells them? Come to think of it, that was probably how Sariel found out in the first place.
Uriel: You think, Sariel and Lilith … oh.
Gabriel: Well, you better find out what she knows exactly, then we can devise a plan how to deal with it.
Uriel: I guess you all agree that Luce doesn’t have to know about that?
Gabriel: Yeah, better not …
Raphael: Oh fuck, I hate those problems. Why is she always sneaking onto my side of the cloud anyway? What shall we do now?
Gabriel: Well, I guess you have to talk to her after all.
Raphael: Fuck. Can’t you do that for me? You’re better at talking.
Gabriel: Hehe, yes, well, no. No can do, Raphy. I have still some work to do here. Rod's given an interview to the Sun and Steel yesterday and they quoted him completely out of context. I better arrange that, otherwise some of these reporters will end up lobotomized too. Wouldn't want that, now would we? Anyway, Lilith doesn’t like me too much.
Raphael: No, she likes you …
Gabriel: You do it!
Raphael: Ury?
Uriel: Oh no, mate. You know I love to help, but I don’t have a way with Lilith. She somehow scares me.
Raphael: Thanks, that’s what I call real friends. So you leave me all on my own with that she-demon.
Gabriel: Well, it shouldn’t be difficult for you: just hypnotize her and erase her memory. I guess you know how to do that.
Raphael: Hmm, yeah, I could, but I won’t do that. Erasing memory is a very dangerous treatment and I won’t use that to take advantage of her.
Uriel: You’re right, that wouldn’t be ethical.
Gabriel: Oh come on, you hypnotized her before. Don’t play the moralist now.
Raphael: That’s different. Putting someone to sleep is even healthy sometimes. It’s not dangerous at all. Erasing memory is something completely different. I wouldn’t want to put her through that.
Gabriel: Hmm, ok well, what other option do we have?
Uriel: First of all, let Raph find out if she knows anything. Then we’ll deal with it. I guess if she knows, we have to tell Luce after all. Would be fair if he knew.
Gabriel: Yeah, looking forward to that …
Raphael: Fuck. I hope it won't come to that.
Uriel: Don’t worry, he’s not gonna kill you.
Raphael: You know, I’m not worried that he’s gonna kill me. But I will be in for a rough time. He’s gonna shout and yell and Rod knows what else. That’s worse than killing, in my opinion.
Uriel: Well, he has to understand that you didn’t do it on purpose …
Gabriel: Ha, you think Luce would care about such a minor detail? Guilty until proven innocent. And off goes the head, Raphy. Nah, just kidding. Anyway, gotta get back to work. Thanks for the nice chat, guys. Although it didn’t really dispel my fears … in fact, it made them bigger. Thanks for that. Kissy kiss, and out. See ya.
Uriel: Yeah, see ya, Gabe. There he goes. What energy.
Raphael: Shit, now I have to deal with Lilith. And I put her to sleep until this evening. Now I have to wake her up again.
Uriel: Can you do that?
Raphael: Yeah, sure, but I was hoping for a quiet day. ... Well, I guess I’m flying back then. See you later.
Uriel: Sure, and keep me informed. See, ya.