Part 14

The next day, on the same side of cloud 22 ...

Lilith: Raphy ...
Raphael: No ... Luce ... please ...
Lilith: Shhh ...
Raphael: Aww ... cruelty has a Rodly heart ... every angel must play their part ...
Lilith: RAPH!
Raphael: Huaah. FUCK, Lil, what are YOU doing here? Do you want to give me a heart-attack? Why aren't you asleep?
Lilith: Well, it's already half past noon. Actually I slept much longer than usual.
Raphael: Ehmm, maybe that's because of your headache. ... Don't tell me you have another one.
Lilith: No ...
Raphael: Well good, no reason to disturb me in my sleep, then.
Lilith: Sleep can be very revealing sometimes.
Raphael: Huh? Don't you start that cryptic talk with me. I can't deal with that right after waking up. A few hours ago I had to decipher Gabe's enigmatic rantings, not to mention Luce's speeches. They take so long that I forget the beginning before he ever comes to an end.
Lilith: Do you know that you talk in your sleep?
Raphael: Talk? ... What do you mean?
Lilith: I mean, you talk while you're dreaming.
Raphael: Funny, the others always say I dream while they're talking. Well, talking in your sleep isn't an illness, really. It's more a subconscious mechanism of your psyche enabling the neuronic ...
Lilith: Yeah, sure, Raphy, but sometimes it can be dangerous.
Raphael: What are you talking about? ... Oh, fuck, Lil, I'm tired, why the hell did you have to wake me up?
Lilith: Well, you know, being cloudmates, I feel I really got to know you quite well. And I like you a lot, Raph. So I consider it my duty to tell you ...
Raphael: No! Don't tell me! I don't have time for that now. I have a meeting.
Lilith: You have a lot of meetings these days.
Raphael: Yeah, well, can't be helped. Gotta go, sorry.
Lilith: But Raph, this is important.
Raphael: No, sorry, it has to wait. By the way, I think you have something in your eye. Show it to me. Look at me.
Lilith: You know that you have beautiful eyes? Like a lone wolf ...
Raphael: Yes, look into those beautiful eyes ... deeper ... deeper ... let yourself fall. You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy. You want to sleep. You are going to wake up tonight, refreshed. For now, you sleep ...

Uriel: Hi, mate! Oomph! What are you doing with Lilith?
Raphael: Huh? Oh, hi Uriel. I'm bringing her to bed.
Uriel: Ehm ... something you wanna share?
Raphael: She somehow got lost on my side of the cloud. I had to do something about that.
Uriel: Aha? Am I mistaken or is she sleeping?
Raphael: Well, yeah, that was the only way I could keep her from proposing to me. Believe me, mate, she was THAT close.
Uriel: Really? Well, congrats. I always knew you would become a pair.
Raphael: No! We are NOT becoming a pair. She's way too stressful for me.
Uriel: I know what you mean, mate. Sometimes she scares me too. She always looks at me as if she wanted to eat me. Or worse ...
Raphael: Can you believe it, I woke up and she was sitting next to me. I got one hell of a fright. Imagine what she could have done. She knows that I'm not easily woken up when I sleep. ... Fuck, you think she DID something?
Uriel: Ehm, who knows. Though I still don't know why she's sleeping now.
Raphael: I'll tell you on the way. I promised Gabe to meet him at the Tower today. You can come with me if you want.
Uriel: Ok, let's fly over. I haven't been to the Tower for ages.