Part 13

Twenty minutes later, on cloud 22, Acacia Heavenview ...

Gabriel: Aw-kay, here we are. You're back on good ole cloud 22.
Raphael: What a day! First I had to play that solo at such an unrodly hour, then that incident with Lilith. It's so hard getting away from her ...
Gabriel: Well, if you ask my honest angelic opinion, I think she's interested in you, Raphy.
Raphael: What? You think so?
Gabriel: Yes, I think so indeed. Come on, wake up, Raphy! A blind angel can see that she's hitting on you. Bashing on you, actually. Knocking you down in full flight, hehehe!!!
Raphael: Don't be so loud, you're gonna wake her up.
Gabriel: You think she's home yet? I thought she was still doing her "gymnastics" …
Raphael: You never know, sometimes she gets home early. If business is slow ... So keep it down, will you?
Gabriel: Ok, ok. I'm off anyway. Mission accomplished, angel safely tucked away in bed.
Raphael: Hmmm, yeah, I'm tired anyway.
Gabriel: Yes, so … I'm off, I guess.
Raphael: Yeah, bye, Gabe.
Gabriel: Aw-kay. ... I'm ... off.
Raphael: Ok.

Gabriel: Eh, listen, Raph.
Raphael: Huh?
Gabriel: About tonight …
Raphael: Yeah?
Gabriel: You seemed pretty absent-minded the whole evening.
Raphael: I did? Well, I guess I was very tired. After all, I had to get up early this morning. I've been up for almost 24 hours.
Gabriel: Ah, yes, Sunday mornings and sleepy healers just don't match, do they? Seriously, Raph, you've been awfully sleepy and absent-minded the last days. Something you wanna share?
Raphael: Well, I guess it's this whole revolution business. It's getting to me.
Gabriel: Hm. Yeah, Luce is really determined, huh?
Raphael: I don't know. It's not that I don't want to help him. I mean, I'm not gonna let him hang in there alone. It's just, I don't understand why he wants to change something in the first place. I mean, life isn't that bad up here.
Gabriel: Apart from the fact that you have to get up early every seventh day …
Raphael: I'm not so sure that'll change that much. Luce has so much energy.
Gabriel: So … you want to quit?
Raphael: I didn't say that. No. As I've said, I'm not one for letting a mate down.
Gabriel: You prefer to go down with him?
Raphael: Don't say that. I don't even want to think about that.
Gabriel: Well, maybe we SHOULD think about that. Before it's too late, that is.
Raphael: Honestly, Gabe, do YOU think it's that bad up here? I mean, I have everything I could want: a cozy cloud, a job that leaves me lots of free time, my harp, mates to hang out with, a pub that serves great beer, what more could an angel want?
Gabriel: If you're so happy with all that, then why didn't you tell Luce so, when he first started with his ideas about revolution?
Raphael: I don't know.
Gabriel: Why don't you tell him now?
Raphael: I DON'T KNOW, fuck.
Gabriel: Maybe because precisely it's NOT that great.
Raphael: You think so?
Gabriel: Well, it's not so important what I think. I'm just trying to understand what YOU think.
Raphael: Huh? Gabe, it's five o'clock in the fuckin' morning. Keep this conversation simple, will you?
Gabriel: Oh, Raphy … I think I'll let you sleep now. How about we talk about this tomorrow? Why don't you drop by at the Tower when you're awake?
Lilith: Ra-pha-el? Are you still awa-ake?
Raphael: Fuck, it's her. Close that door, quickly!
Gabriel: Eh, why? I was about to leave.
Raphael: Well, not now. Be quiet.
Lilith: Knock, knock. You're in there, honey? I can see your light. Listen, I'm having a really bad headache again. So I thought, you know, you could maybe ... do you hear me, Raph?
Gabriel: She must be kidding, she's screaming down the whole universe.
Raphael: Oh fuck, I won't get her off my back anyway now. Wait here, I'll deal with her quickly. Shit, too late ... Hi, Lilith.
Lilith: Hi, honey. I hope I didn't wake you up? I just came home and I saw there was light on your side of the cloud. ... Oh, hi Gabriel. Long time no see. Am I interrupting something?
Gabriel: No, of course not. We just talked ... stuff. About people feigning to be ill, just to annoy Raphy, for example.
Lilith: There are such people? How mean of them. Poor Raphy, as if he didn't have enough work already.
Gabriel: Yeah, especially at home ...
Lilith: What's that supposed to mean?
Gabriel: Nooooothing. So, how was work today, Lil? Slow business?
Raphael: Ehmmmm, come on, Lilith, I'll take care of your headache on your side of the cloud.
Lilith: Aw, that's so sweet of you. Thanks, Raphy.

Two minutes later:

Gabriel: Back already? That was a quickie.
Raphael: You know, healing a headache doesn't really take much time. Actually it's quite easy: I simply put my right hand on her forehead, just above the ...
Gabriel: Eh, yeah, well, you think she's asleep now? What if she comes back in five minutes? She might develop an ache somewhere further down.
Raphael: She won't. I made sure of that.
Gabriel: How?
Raphael: I hypnotized her ...
Gabriel: You ... WHAT?
Raphael: Yeah, I made her fall asleep. And I told her not to wake up before tomorrow noon. Leaves me plenty of time to rest.
Gabriel: Wow, Raphy, I didn't think you had it in you. That's cunning.
Raphael: No, Gabe ... that's self-defense.
Gabriel: Eh, hehe, yeah. I think you might be right there. Anyway I'm off, before you start hypnotizing me. And thanks again for taking care of my hand. Was great of you.
Raphael: Ah, don't mention it. That's my job.
Gabriel: Yeah, still. ... So: I'll see you tomorrow?
Raphael: Yeah, I'll hop by at the Tower. Sometime in the afternoon, ok?
Gabriel: Ok. I guess I'll fly there right now. No use lying down for just one hour. I'll do some loopings and nose dives on the way, that'll wake me up.
Raphael: You do that. Nightie.
Gabriel: Nightie, Raph.