Part 8

Half an hour later, somewhere on cloud 8 ...

Uriel: Hi Luce. Mind if I sit down?
Lucifer: What? ... Oh, no, of course not. Suit yourself.
Uriel: The view from your cloud is really awesome. Especially on a starry night like this.
Lucifer: It won't work, Uriel.
Uriel: Of course it will, Luce.
Lucifer: Nothing went the way I planned it. Nothing.
Uriel: Maybe you're trying too hard. You've already achieved so much ...
Lucifer: I really believed for a glorious moment that I could make a change. Can you believe that? I must have seemed like a right fool to all of you.
Uriel: You know what they say: Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread. We all admire you for that. And as I've said, you've achieved so much ...
Lucifer: You admire me? HA! Then you're a fool as well.
Uriel: So be it, then. Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is to let the fool decide.
Lucifer: HA!
Uriel: Look, you've achieved ...
Lucifer: Yes, what? What have I achieved? None of my plans worked out so far. Checking out the Sanctuary failed, our meetings keep getting cancelled, I've managed to piss off Gabe for good, and now the Captain of Rod's army tells me he's known about my ideas all along.
Uriel: You've achieved independence of mind.
Lucifer: What?
Uriel: You've asked me what you've achieved. I'm telling you, you've achieved independence of mind. You want change. That IS already a change.
Lucifer: Well, I failed, so there. No more changes now.
Uriel: You know, I had a hard time finding your cloud.
Lucifer: What? What are you talking about?
Uriel: Your cloud. Usually it's the brightest one up here, but tonight I could barely make it out.
Lucifer: Are you telling me I've lost my spark?
Uriel: Well, maybe Lucifer isn't such an appropriate name for you anymore. How about Noctifer?
Lucifer: Are you kidding me? What the hell's the matter with you?
Uriel: Nothing. I'm just trying to make conversation, Noctifer.
Lucifer: Stop calling me Noctifer, Rod dammit!
Uriel: Why, I like the name. It fits.
Lucifer: It doesn't! See? It doesn't!
Uriel: Wow, what a blaze! I love the way your curls shine when you're angry, Luce.
Lucifer: Yeah, I think it's kinda cool myself. But don't start tousling them, or I'll push you off my cloud.
Uriel: Hihi, that wouldn't be the worst tumble I could take, seeing that we're right above the Angel and the Gambler.
Lucifer: Ts, yeah, you're right I guess.
Lucifer: Thanks, Ury.
Uriel: You're welcome. So, what are you going to do about Gabe and Sariel?
Lucifer: Gabe won't be a problem, I hope. As long as Raph is in, Gabe will hang around too. Sariel is another matter. I just don't trust him. He knows better than to pick a fight with Rod.
Uriel: Well, we all do, don't we? That hasn't kept us from plotting rebellion, has it?
Lucifer: Yes, but he's got so much to lose. He's captain of the army, for fuck's sake!
Uriel: So? You're Rod's light-bearer, for fuck's sake. And Gabe is his messenger, for fuck's sake. Isn't a rebellion always started by the smartest and most daring people? Or have you ever heard of a revolution led by some bloke next door?
Lucifer: I've never heard of a revolution being started, period. As far as I know, ours will be the first one.
Uriel: Glad to hear that. So, what WILL you do about Sariel?
Lucifer: I'll put him to the test tomorrow evening. Can you tell Raph on your way home? We'll have a meeting at sundown, in the Rue Morgue, as usual.
Uriel: Ok, will do. I wanted to hop in at 22, Acacia Heavenview anyway later.
Lucifer: I think I'll lie down now. Tomorrow morning's gonna be stressy again. I hate Sundays.
Uriel: I think it's fun. Raph told me he bought a new harp and apparently he's tuned it down somehow. I'm looking forward to hearing that.
Lucifer: Yeah well, let's just hope he manages to get up. See ya tomorrow.
Uriel: Yeah, see ya then, mate.