Part 9

Introducing: Lilith. She's been having rather crazy dreams about her cloudmate lately, but so far she hasn't managed to get her hooks into him.

Some time later, on cloud 22, Acacia Heavenview ...

Uriel: Hi, Lilith!
Lilith: Oh, hello, Ury. Haven't seen you in a long time, blondie. How are you, sweet angel?
Uriel: I'm f-f-fine, thanks. Is Raph in?
Lilith: Oh yes, he's in. He's been fiddling on his dreadful harp for over an hour now. Gives me a headache. But I won't complain, as long as he's curing me later on with his gentle hands …
Uriel: Ehm, yeah, he'll do that for sure. Well, see you.
Lilith: Bye, sweet angel.

Uriel: Hi, Raph! I just barely escaped your cloudmate. So how's your solo going?
Raphael: Oh hi, Uriel. I'm not quite happy with it yet. Listen to this …. kinda cool, don't you think?
Uriel: Yeah, great riff.
Raphael: And then this …
Uriel: Wow, you got it, mate.
Raphael: Well, yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too. But maybe I should put in some more harmonies here and there …
Uriel: Don't overdo it. Less is often more.
Raphael: You think so? Ok, now listen to my downtuning ….
Uriel: What can I say: it's awesome. Maybe I'll try that too with my harp.
Raphael: Cool, then we could work together as a union. I really hate it that Rod only wants us to play solos. Two or more harpists playing together could achieve so much more than just one alone.
Uriel: Well, you know how Rod is.
Raphael: Yeah, well, I guess I do. Ok, I'll stop now before Lilith starts to complain.
Uriel: Actually she already complained about a headache to me. She wants you to cure it later on ….
Raphael: Oh, fuck, she constantly has headaches. You know, I'm starting to suspect that she's just making them up.
Uriel: Could be. She mentioned your gentle hands …
Raphael: Oh damn. But what can I do, after all she's paying three quarters of the rent. So, what brought you here?
Uriel: I was on my way home from cloud 8.
Raphael: Oh, how's Luce?
Uriel: Well, that's just it. He was despairing. One of his black moods again. But I've never seen him that down, it gave me a mighty scare. Luckily I managed to brighten up his spirits again. Was one hell of a job, though.
Raphael: Was it because of Gabe?
Uriel: Not only …
Raphael: I talked to Gabe earlier on. He's still in.
Uriel: Glad to hear that, but it's not only Gabe. Apparently Sariel knows about our plan …
Raphael: Ah, okay. … WHAT? He knows? Fuck, he's gonna report us? Then I've prepared my solo for nothing.
Uriel: Well, no, apparently he wants to join our troop.
Raphael: Oh, cool. Luce must be happy about that.
Uriel: You know, Raph, Luce has a harder time than you accepting such news. He thinks it's a trick.
Raphael: Oh, I see. I didn't think about that. Fuck, so my solo's ruined after all.
Uriel: Well, Luce wants to give him a chance to prove himself. He's scheduled a new meeting for tomorrow evening. Usual time, usual place. Just wanted to tell you.
Raphael: Ok, I'll let Gabe know about the meeting tomorrow morning. Fuck, that reminds me of my solo. I'd better practice some more.
Uriel: You'll be fine, don't worry. Just try to be on time. Better not be late two Sundays in a row.
Raphael: Ohhh, don't remind me of last Sunday. I can still hear Rod's voice booming in my ears.
Uriel: Why don't you ask Lilith to wake you up?
Raphael: Well … you know she's working nightshifts and likes to sleep late. Besides, if I ask her to wake me up, she might get it into her head to sleep on my part of the cloud. Better not give her ideas.
Uriel: Fuck yeah. Better be careful, mate.Well, good luck for tomorrow, mate. Looking forward to that solo.
Raphael: Yeah, see ya tomorrow.