Part 7

Around the same time, on another cloud ...

Sariel: You still haven't told him, have you?
Michael: What? Oh … nnno, not exactly. The time wasn't right yet. He was always a bit stressed, you know.
Sariel: A bit stressed? Luce is always in one hell of a temper.
Michael: Humm, yes, that's what I mean. I couldn't see an opening to break our news. He wouldn't have believed me anyway.
Sariel: Well, I noticed that he isn't too keen on trusting me … ??? … Did you just hear that?
Michael: Yes, it came from over there.
Sariel: Who's there? … Oh, it's you, Luce.
Lucifer: Errr, well, yeah. Hi, guys. I happened to be in the area, so I thought …
Sariel: … you thought you'd check whether Michael is keeping his mouth shut?
Lucifer: Yes … ehm, no, of course not. What you are talking about?
Sariel: Michael, NOW would be the best time, I guess.
Lucifer: The best time for what? Mike?
Michael: Ehmm, well, Luce … to keep it short …
Lucifer: Yes?
Michael: Sariel, here, well … he knows about our conspiracy, and …
Lucifer: WHAT? You TOLD him? How COULD you? Mike, I trusted you! I …
Sariel: Calm down, Luce …
Lucifer: You, shut up. This is between me and Mike.
Michael: Listen, Luce, I didn't tell …
Lucifer: I knew it! Ury told him in the Angel & the Gambler. Or Raph. Or both of them, probably. I'm gonna kill them, I'm gonna …
Sariel: Luce, no one told …
Lucifer: Or maybe it was Gabe. He really was pissed about our little disagreement. That sissy, can't take an honest word from an honest angel. So he had nothing better to do than fly over to you and rat …
Sariel: Can you listen for a moment?
Michael: No one told Sariel. He found out for himself.
Lucifer: Eh? … How?
Sariel: If you'd just listen for a minute, we could explain.
Lucifer: I knew it, you were always snooping around. Getting my mates drunk so that you could question them …
Sariel: Now hold it, Luce.
Lucifer: I bet you're proud of yourself now. Looking forward to that promotion, aren't you? Bringing Rod the clipped wings of five treacherous archangels, that'll give your career a nice push, I bet.
Sariel: Give my career a push? I already AM captain of the army, forgot that? Besides, I'm not going to report …
Lucifer: Oh yeah, you're not going to report all of us. Of course. Michael's gonna be pardoned, right? He's a good warrior, Rod would be a fool to throw him out.
Sariel: Luce …
Lucifer: Gabe's gonna be pardoned as well. Anyway, the rat quit the sinking ship right in time. As always. Chicken.
Michael: I don't think, Gabe is out. He's just ...
Lucifer: URY didn't like the idea from the start. He wanted peaceful negotiations. That's gonna work in his favour. A smile, and he's forgiven.
Sariel: Probably, but listen …
Lucifer: So that leaves Raph and me. Well, better than nothing, isn't it? But Raph is your "amigo", right? Can't report your amigo, of course. Anyway, nobody can be angry with our little Raphy, correct? HA, pity we don't have Gabe here to tousle his hair right now. What a farce.
Michael: Luce, can you calm down, for Rod's sake?
Lucifer: That leaves me. … And DON'T Rod's-sake me! … That's what you wanted from the beginning, right, Sariel? Huh? You wanted ME out of the way. Anyway, with me gone, the whole group will split up.
Sariel: Actually, there you might be right. Now, could you hold your breath for a couple of minutes, and let me explain?
Lucifer: Explain what? That you arrest me?
Sariel: No …
Lucifer: Well, you can try, but don't think I won't put up a fight. You wanna arrest me, you better be prepared to lose some feathers in the process. So? I'm waiting! Come on, I'm …
Sariel: FUCK, CAN YOU LISTEN TO ME !! Don't you see that I know for quite some time already, and NONE of you has been arrested so far? Why do you think that is?
Michael: Please, Luce, listen to him. He's gonna explain.
Lucifer: Well, ok, go ahead then. But don't think you can catch me unawares. I'll be on my guard.
Sariel: You're exasperating me, Luce. Ok, as I was trying to say, I found out, by bits and pieces I collected …
Lucifer: … always snooping around …
Sariel: Well, if you want, yes. Anyway, I chose NOT to report you.
Lucifer: And why not?
Sariel: Because I want to join.
Lucifer: HA, you expect me to believe that? This is just some sort of trick.
Sariel: Why would I need to use a trick? I already know everything, so why would I bother to put up a comedy now?
Michael: He's right, Luce. He asked me a while ago to tell you about his decision to join our group.
Lucifer: My group. … And why did you never tell me?
Michael: Well, quite honestly, I never caught you in a favourable mood. You were always so hot-headed.
Lucifer: When was I hot-headed?
Sariel: When were you not?
Lucifer: If you start like that, you can forget it right away. I don't need another smartass making side-remarks. I already got Gabe for that. … If Raph manages to convince him to stay with us, that is.
Sariel: Does that mean, I am accepted?
Lucifer: Well, I don't fully trust you yet. Can't see your motive, really. For fuck's sake, you're Rod's captain. That's as good as living on the fucking Rainbow. Why would you want to join the rebels?
Michael: Hey, I'm also part of the army, remember?
Lucifer: Well, that's different, you're a friend.
Sariel: Just give me the chance to prove myself.
Michael: Come on, Luce, I can guarantee for him.
Lucifer: Well, mmmh … oh, for fuck's sake, ok. Bring him to our next meeting, then we're gonna see. There's something I've been wanting to do for quite a while, anyway. I'll tell you when we're all together, then Mister Captain of the Army here can show what metal he's made of.
Michael: Thanks, Luce. You won't be disappointed, I swear. See you at the meeting, then.