Part 6

Half an hour later, on a cozy cloud not far away …

Raphael: Hmmm … can I sit down?
Gabriel: Ahhh, I could have bet on it. Now he’s sending YOU after me. So, did he tell you to mollycoddle me? Win me over again?
Raphael: Well … to be honest … yeah, something along those lines. Look, he didn’t mean it that way …
Gabriel: He meant it exactly that way, and you know it, Raph. Luce is always saying exactly what he thinks. I have to give him credit for honesty at least. Doesn’t make it any better, though.
Raphael: Hmm … well, do you need more time then? You’re still with us, I hope?
Gabriel: Ha, is he shitting his pants now, fearing I would run to Rod and tell him everything? So he thinks I’m a rat, right? I wonder why he wanted me in his group if that’s his opinion of me. A chicken, a rat, one could open up a whole zoo with me.
Raphael: No, Gabe, no-one's thinking you're a rat. But you know how Luce is, it’s hard for him to apologize …
Gabriel: Pfff, who's expecting an apology? Not me, for sure. Not from Luce. So, what do you want? Don’t think I’m going back there today.
Raphael: No, don't worry, we have postponed the meeting anyway. Look, I can understand you, Luce is sometimes a bit … well … harsh …
Gabriel: Tyrannical and oblivious to other angels’ feelings, that’s how I call it.
Raphael: Huh? … Well, yeah, I suppose so. Anyway, you know as well as me that he is not the most diplomatic of us all …
Gabriel: Agreed. But that doesn't excuse his behaviour. I cannot understand how you can bear it. It isn’t a way to treat people.
Raphael: Ok, I completely agree, but you know, most of the times I don’t even listen to his ramblings. Sometimes, when he goes on and on, my mind just drifts off. He wears me out and I don’t want to get involved in a discussion with him. It's simply not worth it, and way too much effort.
Gabriel: Oh, Raphy, I have never seen anybody so laid-back. Well, good for you that you don’t mind Luce. I wish I was like that, but I cannot hold back when he is attacking me. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s when people tell me to shut up.
Raphael: Maybe you should tell him … Anyway, you know as well as me that, even if he has his faults, he’s not a bad person. And the things he does, he does with the best of intentions.
Gabriel: Yeah, but a wise man once said “The road to Hell is full of good intentions.” You mark my words, I have a bad feeling about this whole revolution business.
Raphael: Ok, so, what shall I tell the others? That you’re not in anymore?
Gabriel: Awww, no, come on. I’m still in, don’t worry. No, you can tell our brightest of angels that he can still count on me. If he'd just calm down his blazing temper for a moment and talk to me calmly, I'd gladly help him make his wildest dreams come true. … Don’t know why I feel that way, but well, I guess it's at least an excitement, if nothing else. Being Rod’s messenger is not the most fulfilling job, I can tell you that. Come to think of it … who knows … missions from Luce might be more fun …
Raphael: Ok, well, I leave you then. Glad you’re still in. I’ll keep you informed when we have our next meeting. See ya.
Gabriel: Yeah, yeah, see ya, Raphy.