Part 5

That night, in an abandoned house in the Rue Morgue ...

Lucifer: Where the hell are they?
Uriel: Don’t worry, Raph promised he would be on time.
Lucifer: That’s why I worry, because he ISN’T on time. He always says he will be, and he never is.
Michael: But that’s in the mornings, he must be awake now.
Uriel: Well … I remember he said something about taking a nap to cure his headache.
Lucifer: Yeah that’s right, and now he’s fucking late again.
Michael: Wait, here he comes.
Raphael: Hello guys, sorry for being late.
Lucifer: Please stop saying the same thing each time you show up. It makes me nervous.
Raphael: Hmm, I’m not THAT late.
Uriel: Good thing you managed to get up, mate. Feeling better?
Raphael: Well, to be honest, Gabe woke me up.
Lucifer: And where the hell is HE now?
Raphael: He had to do something …
Lucifer: WHAT? He knows we're having a meeting …
Raphael: Yeah, that’s why he dropped by my cloud to wake me up.
Lucifer: And? Where is he now? I’m waiting very patiently.
Raphael: Well … we bumped into Sariel on our way here. To make it less obvious, Gabe engaged him into a conversation while I came here. I’m sure he’ll be here soon.
Michael: Ah yes, good thing you mention Sariel. He was asking me this morning how you guys were doing.
Uriel: How nice of him.
Lucifer: Nice? That damn angel is spying again.
Michael: No I don’t think so, Luce. He seemed very candid.
Uriel: Ah, here comes Gabe.
Gabriel: Heyyy, what’s up? Ah, I see Raphy has safely arrived. No small thanks to me, eyyy, right, Raphy?
Raphael: I just wish you’d stop tousling my hair.
Gabriel: You prefer me to tousle Lucy’s curls instead?
Lucifer: Try it and you’re a fallen angel. No tousling here tonight. Pull yourself together, Gabe … So, what about Sariel?
Gabriel: Ehhh, what about him?
Lucifer: He didn’t follow you here?
Gabriel: Of course not. Nobody followed me. You think I’m so easily tracked?
Lucifer: Well, you never know.
Uriel: Stop worrying so much, Luce. It’s bad for your blood tension.
Gabriel: Yes, and for our nerves as well …
Lucifer: Don’t you worry about my tension. Ok, let’s start the meeting: Mike, tell us about your meeting this morning with Rod.
Michael: Actually, nothing much to tell there. The Big Boss sent me on an errand to catch some renegade angels. Actually, Sariel was also present at the meeting. He looked a bit hung over too.
Uriel: Hihi, yeah, the infamous Angel&Gambler brew …
Raphael: Haha, yeah, why should he feel better than we did …
Lucifer: That’s NOT funny, you two …
Uriel: Umph, sorry.
Michael: And that was basically it. After the chase, Sar and I had a chat.
Lucifer: What about?
Michael: Oh, about his binge last night, mainly. I tried to find out what our “two amigos” here had told him.
Gabriel: Yeah, the two amigos, laughing my wings off …
Lucifer: And, what DID they tell him?
Raphael: We told you … nothing!
Uriel: We swear, Luce.
Michael: Yep, that’s what I think too. Sar didn’t seem to suspect anything.
Gabriel: See, Luce, the whole morning outburst for nothing. You’ll die ten eons earlier and Sar still doesn’t know anything. Happy?
Lucifer: Well, I had to make my point.
Gabriel: Yeah, yeah, you made your point, don’t worry.
Raphael: What was the point?
Gabriel: Oh, Raphy, have you already forgotten? Are you sleeping away your memory each time you lie down on your cloud?
Raphael: Very funny. I thought he maybe meant something else.
Uriel: Oh, shit …
Lucifer: What is it?
Uriel: There comes Sariel in full flight.
Lucifer: Fuck, Gabe, he followed you after all!
Gabriel: Damn, I could have sworn I lost him in Acacia Heavenview.
Raphael: Why Acacia Heavenview? That’s a huge detour.
Gabriel: Well, yeah, that’s the point when you want to lose your pursuers. You don’t take the direct route.
Raphael: Hmm, right, I forgot that.
Michael: Hehe, Gabe. Sariel is the captain of our army, he knows all the tricks of the trade. Can’t fool that bloke.
Lucifer: Fuck, ok, listen: Meeting’s cancelled. We just met here by chance, and I do the talking. Got it?

Sariel: Hi guys, there we meet again. How’s life, Ury, Raph?
Uriel: We’re fine mate, and you?
Lucifer: What the fuck do you want from us, Sariel? Are you in love with one of us, or why do you sneak up on us all the time?
Sariel: I don’t know what you mean, Lucifer. I’m not following you. I met Gabe and we talked. When he took off, he dropped his pen, so I followed him, to give it back.
Gabriel: Hum, what? My pen? Ehhhh, right, damn pockets, full of holes … Thanks, Sary.
Sariel: Why did you pass through Acacia Heavenview? That’s a huge detour.
Gabriel: Ehmm, hehe, had to visit a friend. She wasn’t home though. So I dropped by here.
Lucifer: Ok now, have you found out enough for another promotion, Sariel? Can you leave us now?
Sariel: I really start to wonder why you attack me each time we meet. I’m not spying on you, if that’s what you’re implying.
Lucifer: Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m implying.
Sariel: Is there maybe something I SHOULD find out?
Uriel: No, mate, of course not.
Sariel: Well, I have to leave now anyways. Mike, can I have a talk with you?
Michael: Sure. See ya, buddies.
Lucifer: Yeah, see ya, and … you know.

Raphael: Wow, that was a close shave.
Lucifer: How COULD you lose your pen!
Gabriel: Awww, come on, you never lose your pens?
Lucifer: No, I don’t have any.
Gabriel: Ahh, right, I forgot. You just lose your temper.
Uriel: You know, Luce, Gabe is the messenger. He needs a pen.
Lucifer: Well, then why does he go around losing it if he needs it that bad?
Gabriel: Yeah, now it’s all MY fault. Let’s play the popular game “Bashing Gabriel”. If you don’t like the news, shoot the messenger. You know what, I’m fed up with this. Hasta la vista, “amigos”, I’m outta here!
Uriel: Oh, fuck, now he’s mad.
Lucifer: Gabe, come back … Fuck! For once I dare utter a word of criticism, and off he goes crying dragon tears. He’s really getting on my nerves.
Uriel: Maybe you were a bit overreacting this time …
Lucifer: Well, I’m frustrated that our meetings always seem to end in disaster. Raph, would you mind …
Raphael: No, don’t worry, I’ll talk to him.
Uriel: Yeah, mate, you do that. Gabe is listening to you. See you around.
Lucifer: Ok, Ury, no use hanging around here. Let’s get back to our clouds. I’ll give Raph a few days to calm Gabe down. See you then.