Part 4

The following day ...

Lucifer: They did WHAT?!
Michael: Yes, Sariel told me this morning, it seems they had a lot of fun. They ...
Lucifer: Are they out of their minds?
Gabriel: What’s your problem? They don’t need a special leave from you to have a drink.
Lucifer: You know exactly that when the two of them are together, they have more than just ONE drink.
Gabriel: Well ...
Lucifer: ... I’m gonna kill Raph if he ...
Michael: You don’t think they let anything slip, do you?
Lucifer: Damn well I think they let something slip. Ury can’t keep his mouth shut when he is pissed, you know that as well as I. And Raph doesn’t even know how to WRITE the word “discretion” when he’s had a beer or two.
Gabriel: You think he knows how to write it when he’s sober? ... Just a stupid joke, sorry.
Lucifer: I’m not into your jokes today.
Gabriel: Are you ever ...
Lucifer: Shut up, there is Rod coming. Fuck, Sariel already told him everything.
The Voice of Rod: Michael, I have an errand for you. Come into my office.
Michael: Gotta go, mission from Rod. See you soon, guys.
Lucifer: Yeah, see ya, and try to find out if the old geezer knows anything.
Uriel: Morning guys, what’s up?
Lucifer: How COULD you?
Uriel: What do you mean?
Gabriel: I think you better get a lawyer right away, before you say anything.
Uriel: I haven’t done anything.
Lucifer: Not done anything? And what do you call getting plastered with the Commander of Rod’s army while we are discussing rebellion? NOT DONE ANYTHING?
Uriel: Calm down, Luce ...
Lucifer: I AM CALM! If I WASN’T you wouldn’t be smiling anymore. And you, Gabe, can wipe that smart-ass grin off your face right away.
Gabriel: Hey-oh, Mister Morning Star, I didn’t do anything, so don’t bite me. Aww-kay?
Raphael: Hi guys, sorry I’m late, but well, you know how it is ...
Lucifer: No, I DON’T know how it is after one hell of a night in the Angel and the Gambler with Sariel. But YOU do, so why don’t you tell us.
Raphael: Fuck, Ury, you told him 'bout our binge?
Gabriel: Actually ... no, he didn’t. But you just did. Oh Raphy, not quite awake yet, are we?
Raphael: Huh? ... Listen, Luce ... I ... Gabe, stop tousling my hair all the time. I have one of those headaches.
Gabriel: Awww, our healer has a headache. Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Raphael: A what? You’re calling me an ox and a moron?
Gabriel: Hmm, never mind ... no, I’m calling you neither an ox nor a moron, though, come to think of it ...
Lucifer: Your headache’s the least of your worries right now.
Raphael: What do you mean? Look, Luce, ok we had a beer or two yesterday.
Uriel: We didn’t drink too much really.
Lucifer: Don’t bullshit me, you made the frontpage of the Sun and Steel.
Raphael: Really?
Uriel: Wow, we did?
Gabriel: Cool, I’ve never made the headlines. Oops, I guess that remark was uncalled for. I better shut up. Zip.
Lucifer: Yeah, you did. See here:

Raphael: Fuck yeah, I remember that song. Had a great beat to it actually.
Lucifer: I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE BEAT. I’m gonna show you a great beat if I find out you told Sariel anything about our rebellion.
Uriel: We didn’t, Luce, I swear. We would never tell him.
Lucifer: Can you guarantee for what you said and did when you were plastered? CAN YOU? No, you can’t, and you know that.
Raphael: Now hold on a minute, Luce. We didn’t tell him anything. We were not that drunk.
Gabriel: Hmm, on that pic you look pretty drunk to me.
Raphael: Thanks for stabbing me in the back, Gabe.
Gabriel: Ehhh, you’re welcome ... By the way, do you know how to write “discretion”?
Raphael: Huh?
Gabriel: Never mind, just a topic that came up before you arrived.
Raphael: What do you mean?
Lucifer: STOP these stupid ramblings, all of you, now. Raph, Ury, I want to know what you told Sariel yesterday.
Uriel: I can’t remember actually.
Gabriel: Aha, he’s pleading retrograde amnesia. Smart move, Ury.
Raphael: Yeah, me neither.
Gabriel: Wellll, this already lacks a bit of credibility, if you ask my honest angelic opinion.
Lucifer: I don’t believe you two.
Gabriel: See, what did I say?
Lucifer: Look, Gabe, could you please leave us alone for a moment? I really can’t bear your side remarks right now.
Gabriel: Uh-oh. Okay, I’m off. Anyway R.I.P. Ury and Raph ... Yeah, yeah, I’m off, don’t worry.
Lucifer: Peace at last. So ... Uriel, Raph, please, I really need to know if you told Sariel. If yes, we have to change the plan, you understand that.
Uriel: Luce, I admit we were plastered. But we didn’t talk about our plan to Sariel, we just talked about the usual pub things: drinks, girls, football. Nothing of consequence.
Raphael: I remember, Sariel asked me again what I was looking for at the Sanctuary.
Lucifer: He did? Fuck! So what did you say?
Raphael: I mumbled some incomprehensible things, he seemed happy with that and didn’t bother me again with it.
Lucifer: Good. Ok, I guess there was not too much damage done yesterday. But no more pub tours with Sariel, is that understood?
Raphael: Now, look ...
Lucifer: No, YOU look, Raph. It’s too dangerous. He’s not part of our band, so ...
Raphael: Ok. Anyway, I’m going to bed now, my headache is getting worse.
Uriel: Yeah, mate, you better have a good day’s sleep.
Lucifer: Well, ok, go then. But don’t forget our secret meeting tonight.
Raphael: No, I’m not gonna forget it. See you tonight ...