Part 3

That same evening, in the Angel and the Gambler ...

Uriel: Wow, the pub is really crowded, as always on a Friday night. There’s not a single free table.
Raphael: Look, there’s Sariel and he’s alone. Why don't we sit down with him?
Uriel: Good idea, although …
Raphael: What?
Uriel: I don’t think Luce would like it that we have a drink with Sariel right now.
Raphael: Oh, fuck Luce, I’m having a drink with whomever I want to. Anyway, he won’t find out. It has been eons since he's last been up here on cloud seven. … Hey, Sariel, mind if we join?
Sariel: Oh, hello again, Raph and Uriel. No, sit down, I’m alone for the moment.
Uriel: Cool. Ok, first round is on me. I’m having a pint, what do you guys want?
Raphael: Uuuuuhhhhhh …
Sariel: Same for me, thanks, mate.
Uriel: Raph?
Raphael: … I’m thinking …
Uriel: Oh, ok. So what are you doing here, Sariel? Weekend leave from the Sanctuary? How’s the mood up there?
Sariel: All’s fine, thanks. Work to do, but I’m ok. And yeah, it’s my free night. What better way than to spend it in the Angel and the Gambler.
Uriel: Yeah, exactly what I'm saying … Man, I’m thirsty. Raph? Come on, mate, make up your mind.
Raphael: Well …
Sariel: I’ve never seen anybody pondering so long over what he wants to drink in a pub.
Raphael: I think a pint would be alright … yeah, I’ll take one too.
Uriel: Ok, three pints it is. Be right back.
Sariel: So, Raph, what was that all about today? Luce really was in one hell of a mood, pardon the pun.
Raphael: Well, yeah, he had one of his black days, I guess …
Sariel: I can see you’re reluctant to tell me. I don't want to force any confidences from you, but let me tell you, I really like you guys quite a lot. I know Mike very well, and you and Uriel seem to be alright. A pity Lucifer doesn’t feel at ease with me. Although I don’t know what I ever have done to deserve that.
Raphael: Hmm …what do you mean … I don’t think, Luce is against you.
Uriel: There you go, guys. What did I miss?
Sariel: I was just asking Raph what Lucifer might have against me.
Uriel: Against you? What do you mean?
Sariel: Oh, come on guys, you were there today, don’t tell me that this is his usual behaviour.
Raphael: Well to be honest, he behaves the same pretty much all the time. ... Damn, this beer is good.
Uriel: Yeah, best brewery there is, Angel and the Gambler.

Some three hours later …

Sariel: You guys are soooo funny ... Oops, last orders call, I’ll get us another one, ok?
Raphael: Hmm … yeaah, cool, I’ll have a pint. Ury, think you can take another one as well?
Uriel: Of cawsh mate, I can shtill shtand upright, shee? … Ooohoops ... shtop laughing and help me up.
Raphael: Maybe I better join you on the floor, mate. Damn, I had one too many, I think. Glad I can sleep longer tomorrow.
Uriel: Longa than usual you mean?
Raphael: Haha, yeah, good one, mate. I’ll drink to that. I’d like to see Luce’s face when he hears that we were getting plastered with Sariel.
Uriel: Betta not tell him. Wouldn’t be funny. No no.
Sariel: Oww-kay, here we go. Let’s drink to our health.
Raphael: Better not, that would mean work for me …
Uriel: Haha, yesh, our Healer doesn’t like to work on a Friday night. No letsh drink to shumfin else.
Raphael: To … hmmm …
Sariel: To … well, to what should we drink?
Uriel: I declare a toasht. We had shooo much fun tawnight. Oopsh, I’m shpilling my beer here. To … well letsh drink to awrshelves and awr new frien-frien-friendship. To the Tresh Amigosh.
Raphael: I’ll drink to that.
Sariel: To the tres amigos it is. Cheers.