Part 2

Introducing: Sariel, the commander of the Heavenly Army. With his tall, slender figure and light, prancing steps he wins his battles against ferocious lobotomized creatures.

Lucifer: Shit … fuck … I’m gonna kill him when I see him … I’m gonna …
Uriel: Well, I think we should first hear what he has to say, he’s probably had a good reason to …
Lucifer: Good reason? A damn good reason it has to be.
Michael: Hoho, what’s up? You seem to be in a ‘kin bad mood, Luce.
Uriel: You see, Mike, yesterday Lucifer wanted to check out the lay of the land in Rod’s Sanctuary. For our “big move”, you know. Well, Luce wanted Raphael to accompany him …
Lucifer: … yeah, and he fucking DIDN’t show up! Can you believe that? Not a word, nothing, he simply didn’t show up. I waited for half a fucking hour, before cancelling the whole project. I’m gonna crush him, I’m gonna …
Gabriel: … you’re gonna what? I bet Raph has a good reason, and you’re gonna forgive him, as usual. Nobody can be mad at Raphy for a long time and you know that, Luce. So stop raving like a madman, it doesn’t suit you. Besides … it makes me nervous.
Lucifer: Well, who asked for your opinion? I’m not gonna forgive him so easily this time. You can be sure of that.
Gabriel: Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before. Mhm.
Uriel: Be quiet, here’s Sariel coming. Better he doesn’t hear what we’re up to.
Lucifer: Oh, shit, what’s HE doing here?
Sariel: Hi folks, what’s up?
Gabriel: Weeee’re fine, thank you. So, how’s the air around the Big Boss? Thin as usual?
Sariel: Do I hear some sort of criticism? You know, Rod is not so bad, I like working for him.
Lucifer: Yeah well, then go on and work for him.
Sariel: Oops, are we in a bad mood, Lucifer?
Gabriel: Nothing ever escapes your attention, Sariel, huh? Yes! I think you could say, Luce is a bit pissed today.
Sariel: I saw you at the Sanctuary door yesterday …
Lucifer: What? When?
Sariel: You know when. You didn’t see me, but you looked pretty worried and angry.
Michael: Oops.
Lucifer: Well, am I not allowed to be near the Sanctuary? Can’t I go where I please? I’m not in a fucking prison, am I?
Sariel: Calm down, no need to eat me. I just said I saw you, I didn’t report you or anything.
Lucifer: Well, good thing you didn’t, cause there’s no need to.
Sariel: Yeah, that’s what I thought too, in the beginnning …
Uriel: … the beginning … ?
Gabriel: … the beginning of WHAT exactly?
Sariel: … well, shortly after you were gone, Raphael arrived in full flight. He also seemed worried and looking very guilty, so I just thought you two might have had an appointment.
Lucifer: Don’t you have anything else to do the whole day than spy on the other angels? Did you get promoted to Head of the Inquisition or what? Raph and me had no appointment yesterday.
Gabriel: Nooo, and why should they? I think you’re mistaken, Sarry.
Raphael: Hmmm … hi guys … look I’m sorry, Luce …
Lucifer: Well yeah, it’s ok Raph, don’t worry.
Uriel: Nice day today, isn’t it? And look, Sariel is here to keep us company. That’s nice of him, don’t you think?
Raphael: Huh? What are you talking about? … Oh, hi Sariel, I didn’t see you.
Sariel: Hello Raph. Still a bit tired I see. Were you waiting long at the Sanctuary door yesterday?
Raphael: … What door? What do you mean?
Gabriel: He means, he saw you, is that so difficult to understand, hmmm? Wake up, Raphy!
Raphael: Huh? Oh, fuck, I … ... Gabe, stop tousling my hair. I can’t think straight if you do.
Lucifer: Look, Sariel, why don’t you just fly up to Cloud Seven and see if you’re there? Can’t you FEEL it when your presence is not wanted?
Uriel: I think we should all calm down here now, folks. There’s no need to get excited.
Sariel: Yeah, no need at all. Ok, Luce, I’m off, but I wanted to tell you guys, I know you’re up to something, and I’m keeping an eye on you. So if there’s a problem, you can talk to me.
Gabriel: Yeah, sure, you gonna be the angel we seek out when we have a problem, don’t worry. Bye, bye now.
Lucifer: That sniveling spying rat of an angel …
Uriel: Oh, come on, Luce, that’s unfair. Just because he’s working for Rod’s army, doesn’t make him a bad angel. I actually like him a lot.
Lucifer: Well, you like everybody, so that’s not a reference.
Michael: No, but Sariel is ok, he is a mate and can take a good drink.
Raphael: … Yeah I remember that last time in the bar, we got so pissed … Hmmm, that was alright.
Gabriel: I think you should better keep a low profile right now, Raphy. Just a friendly advice.
Raphael: Huh?
Lucifer: Yeah, about yesterday, so what’s your excuse?
Gabriel: Too late …
Raphael: Hmmmm, … well … you know …
Lucifer: No, I DON’T know! I just know, Sariel has seen me, he has seen you, and all for nothing, the only one who hasn’t seen anything at all is ME, and I’M FUCKING PISSED OFF FOR THAT, so why didn’t you show up when you were supposed to? WHY?
Raphael: Ehh … well … to be honest …
Gabriel: Being honest might not be your best move now, in my humble angelic opinion …
Lucifer: No-one's been knocking on YOUR cloud, smartass. I’m waiting …
Raphael: Oh, fuck, I overslept, ok? I told you, we should postpone it to the afternoon. You know I’m not a morning person.
Lucifer: You SLEPT? You were ASLEEP while I was freezing my ass off near the Sanctuary door, waiting for you? ARE YOU MENTAL OR WHAT? What do you think this is, a game? I’m fucking serious here, Raph.
Uriel: Well, Luce, he’s right, he sometimes has problems waking up …
Lucifer: That’s not MY problem, he let me down, and all just because he needed one more hour extra sleep. Am I in a madhouse here?
Michael: Come, on, Luce, there’s gonna be other opportunities. Next time, I’ll go with you, ok?
Lucifer: Well, if there IS a next time, now that Sariel has seen us. Fuck! No, I wanted Raph to come with me, he’s quieter than you. Nothing against you Mike, but as far as keeping a low profile goes, there’s nobody better than Raph here and you know that.
Gabriel: Yeah, pity our Raphy kept his low profile in bed yesterday.
Raphael: No need to rub it in, Gabe. I’m sorry, ok? I promise I’m gonna be on time next time. Ok?
Lucifer: You better be … ok, I changed the plan a bit … so listen …