Here they stand, archangels them all: (from left to right)

Uriel: the hope-bringer, he can transform your biggest despair into bliss, just by smiling at you
Gabriel: the messenger, his strong voice lifts your spirits and brings good news
Lucifer: the rebel, his strong, free mind and sparkling eyes encourage you: "Your life is your own!"
Michael: the warrior, always ready to fight with 'kin dragons to the beat of his drums
Raphael: the healer, his calm deep voice and gentle hands will soothe your soul

and, not present, but always on our minds: Rod, the Big Boss


Part 1

One fine summer day in Heaven, Lucifer is once again pissed at how Rod runs the show. He tries to reason with Uriel that a change in the Heaven hierarchy is inevitable.

Lucifer: We gotta do something, this cannot go on, don’t you see that?
Uriel: I don’t know .... maybe we should wait. What’s the point in quarreling?
Lucifer: What do you mean? I’m not talking about a petty quarrel, I’m talking about changing the whole system.
Uriel: Oh .... I see ....
Lucifer: Yeah. And what I want to know is whether you’re on my side or not.
Uriel: ....
Gabriel: Awww, let him be, Luce. You know that this is a big dilemma for our dear old Ury. Him being a peaceweaver and all. Aaaaanywayyyyys .... I’m not sure if I want to risk a fight with the Big Boss.
Lucifer: And why not?
Gabriel: Weeeell, quite simply because HE is the BIG boss. Might be a reason, ey?
Lucifer: That’s a stupid reason. Anyway, Michael is on my side.
Uriel: Mike is on your side?
Lucifer: Yes, that’s what I said.
Gabriel: What about Raph? Has he made up his mind yet?
Lucifer: Well, he should have by now. I talked to him two days ago.
Gabriel: Awww, come on, you know that’s not enough. Give him a couple more weeks.
Lucifer: What? No, I want a decision today.
Gabriel: No chance he has made up his mind yet, in my humble angelic opinion. Nawww, not Raphy.
Michael: Ho, ho, ho, is this the first Rebels’ Squad meeting? Have I missed something?
Lucifer: Eh, no, I have not convinced them yet. Raph is indecisive as usual, he hasn’t even shown up yet, must still be asleep. Uriel is all for peaceful arrangement and Gabe of course is chickening out ...
Gabriel: Correction: I am NOT chickening out ...
Lucifer: You ARE chickening out, as always ...
Gabriel: Why am I chickening out when Ury is peaceful and Raph indecisive? I could also be indecisive.
Lucifer: You are not. You’re a chicken. Raph will fight, I’m sure about that. He just needs someone to make the decision for him.
Gabriel: Weeeell, we’ll see: here he comes .... Eyyyy, Raphy-baby. Did we have a good long beauty nappy, hmmmm?
Raphael: Ehhhhhmmmm .... Gabe, please .... stop tousling my hair. I’m not quite awake yet.
Lucifer: So, what’s up: are you in or out?
Raphael: Hmmm .... well, I’ve thought about it. Well ..... it’s difficult to say ....
Lucifer: That’s not what I want to hear. You know as well as me, that this situation must change. Rod has pissed you off more than once, so now’s the chance to fight back.
Raphael: Hmmm .... yeah, you’re right, but ..... well .....
Michael: Come on, Raph. A little pub brawling will do no harm. Like in the good ole times, remember?
Raphael: Hmmm, yeah .... that was pretty cool. I remember .... ok, why not, I’m in. Count on me, Luce.
Lucifer: Great, so we have Mike, Raph and myself. Uriel, come on, I want you as well ....
Gabriel: Ehhhh, hellooooo? Am I not being asked anymore?
Lucifer: Why? Does that mean you’re in as well?
Gabriel: Yes, I’m in because I’m NOT a chicken.
Raphael: Who says you’re a chicken, Gabe?
Gabriel: Mister Bigmouth Luce, here.
Lucifer: Yeah, well. Usually it’s true.
Gabriel: It’s NOT true.
Lucifer: Yeah, whatever you say. Well, Uriel, what’s up now?
Uriel: You know, guys, this is getting so complicated. I like it here. I mean: Rod has his faults, I know ...
Lucifer: What do you mean: faults? He’s a tyrant! ...
Gabriel: Reminds me of someone ...
Lucifer: You shut up!
Gabriel: Okey-dokey. Zip.
Uriel: .... I know, but somehow he did a good job running the show. It must be hard having all the responsibility.
Raphael: Hmm, yeah, and all the decision-making. Wouldn’t want to be in his place.
Lucifer: What? Are you changing your mind again, Raph?
Raphael: Hmmm, no, I’m not changing my mind. I’m just saying, I understand Ury’s point of view ...
Lucifer: Well, that’s not the point ...
Gabriel: And what is the point, pray tell?
Lucifer: The point is: I want to change the system. I want more freedom. I want to make my own decisions. I want to have my own projects. I don’t want to ask for everything before I’m allowed to do anything. THAT’s the point.
Gabriel: Aha.
Michael: Kin great! Let’s just do it!
Uriel: So, do you have a plan?
Lucifer: Of course I have a plan. I was just waiting for you guys to be on my side. So here’s the plan ....