Part 7: Quest For Eggs

Steve: I can't believe we were risking our lives ...
Dave: I'm sorry, but it really hurt.
Steve: Yeah, it really hurt, but it wasn't broken, dammit. You could have run.
Janick: Well, even a sprained ankle can be a handicap.
Steve: I have been on stage with a sprained ankle before, so don't tell me, ok?
Bruce: Aw, Steve, you would even crawl on stage without arms and legs, just to keep the show going.
Steve: Don't be stupid, Bruce. I'm not into jokes today.
Adrian: Why don't we just stop bickering? After all, we survived, so let's be happy about it.
Nicko: Yeah, and concentrate on the next adventure.
Janick: Right. Where are we this time? Anybody have a clue?
Bruce: We're in the Rainforest in the year 1751, April 12th, to be precise.
Dave: How on earth did you find THIS out?
Bruce: Hehe, sorry, Dave, I was just making this up. Actually, I don't have a clue where or when we are.
Dave: Oh, ok.
Janick: The mission is: "Bring back some eggshells." Does that mean we need to find a farm?
Steve: Look around you! We're in a forest. Do you see a farm anywhere?
Bruce: Treetrunks, treetrunks everywhere, nor any egg to steal.
Steve: Stop singing! We might not be alone here ...
Adrian: And they might not be too friendly ...
Dave: Maybe we should take one of those pills.
Steve: I have a feeling we don't need the pills here. And keep your voice down.
Dave: Why?
Janick: Well, I guess we have to find at least some birds' nests.
Steve: Be reasonable, Jan, and think before you talk.
Janick: What do you mean?
Steve: Birds' nests, my ass. Do you really think, BBC will send us back in time to get some birds' eggs? Think again.
Bruce: 'Arry, you don't think ... no, they wouldn't do that!
Steve: Yes, Bruce. I DO think they would do that. Fuck!
Dave: What are you talking about?
Adrian: Look, maybe we should first check before we start to panic. Maybe there is a farm after all around here. This might by the Amazonas. Or Indonesia. Or ...
Steve: There will be no farm. I'm sure of that.
Adrian: Ok, then we better get some weapons. Bruce? You still have your knife?
Bruce: Yeah, sure. Why?
Adrian: Give it to me, I'm gonna make some sharp wooden spears.
Steve: Good idea, H.
Dave: We need weapons? You don't even know where we are!
Steve: Well, and I hope we never find out, before we can leave again.
Dave: I don't understand.
Adrian: Shhh! Look! Over there ...
Bruce: Oh, fuck, does that bite?
Janick: I'm not an expert here.
Dave: Is that what I think it is?
Nicko: Yeah, mate, this looks like a 'kin dinosaur. We are in Jurassic Park. I have to film this.
Steve: I knew it! I'm gonna sue BBC if we get out of this alive!
Adrian: It's eating plants, so I guess we're safe.
Steve: ... for now. Well, we better go and find those eggs.
Bruce: Drawn by quest for eggs, we searched all ...
Steve: Stop singing, Bruce! We are all nervous, ok?
Bruce: ... through the land ... Yep, sorry.
Adrian: I don't even want to think about how "mom" will react when we steal her eggs.
Janick: Not so quick. Look at the exact message: "Bring back some eggshells". They don't want the eggs, just some shells.
Nicko: Jan, you're a genius! Of course, some broken eggshells are much easier to get at. And less dangerous.
Dave: See, Steve, BBC are not so bad after all.
Steve: Are you kidding? Should I thank them now, that I ONLY have to rummage through a fucking rainforest, surrounded by raptors and T-Rexes and what else, just to find some stupid eggshells? ARE YOU NUTS?
Adrian: Calm down, Steve. We better keep it quiet.
Bruce: Why? Have you seen something?
Adrian: I thought I saw the foliage move over there.
Dave: Maybe it was just the wind.
Adrian: Problem is, there is no wind here, Dave.
Dave: Oh-oh.
Janick: Maybe another plant-eater ...
Nicko: I saw that movie. If this is a raptor, we're done. They are 'kin good hunters.
Steve: Nick. Stop ... making ... me ... nervous.
Nicko: I'm just saying, we should be prepared.
Adrian: Believe me, mate. I'm prepared.
Dave: I'm not.
Steve: We better spread.
Janick: Don't you think we should stay in the group?
Bruce: No, 'Arry is right. If we spread, we are not that easy a target.
Adrian: Ok, let's go in groups of two.
Dave: I'm coming with you, H.
Steve: Ok, H and Dave, you look over there. But don't run too far. Jan and Bruce can have a look up that hill. Nick, will you come with me to that pond over there?
Nicko: Why do we have to go in the open? There are no trees to hide.
Steve: I know, but this plant-eater went over there. I'd prefer to find one of HIS nests instead of a raptor's.
Nicko: Hmm, makes sense.
Janick: Woah, what a steep hill. I'm out of breath. Can you slow down a bit, Bruce?
Bruce: Hehe, come on, Jan. See, it pays running around the stage, climbing up ladders, jumping on drumkits, ...
Janick: And you can still talk ...
Bruce: Hehe, yeah, well, I'm a bit nervous I must say. That's why I'm talking. Shouldn't be doing that, I know. Too many dinosaurs around. But well ... if you gonna die, die with your mouth open, that's what I'm always saying.
Janick: Now I know why 'Arry didn't want to go with you.
Bruce: Yeah, he would have killed me already by now.
Dave: H?
Adrian: Hmm?
Dave: ... Do you really think there are raptors here?
Adrian: Honestly? No. But I want to be prepared, in case I'm wrong.
Dave: No? Are you sure?
Adrian: Of course I'm not sure. I just got that feeling that this plant-eater seemed at ease munching his leaves, so I'm guessing this is a pretty safe area.
Dave: It makes sense. Thanks, H.
Adrian: Don't mention it. Let's have a look over there ...
Nicko: What a large pond. And see, there's a brachiosaurus.
Steve: They are plant-eaters, right?
Nicko: Correct. I saw it all in the movie.
Steve: Well, nevertheless, I wouldn't want to be trampled by that one.
Nicko: I think there are little-uns over there.
Steve: Great. Maybe we find some eggs. Let's move in cautiously.
Bruce: Woaaaa! What a view over the valley. See, there's 'Arry and Nicko down there.
Janick: And some big dinosaur as well.
Bruce: That's a harmless one, I think.
Janick: Well, if it's not, we're gonna have to find a new rhythm-section for the band.
Bruce: Hehe. I see the headlines: "Bassist and drummer of famous Heavy-Metal band eaten by dinosaur!" Trust 'Arry to make his exit as spectacular as his life has been. I just hope the dinosaur won't eat the camera as well ...
Janick: If a spectacular life guarantees a spectacular death, I'm starting to be really worried that I'm hanging around with you here.
Bruce: Eh?? What's that supposed to mean?
Janick: Never mind. Look, seems as if they have found something down there.
Bruce: Yep, Nick is waving to us, let's go down to them. Mission accomplished.
Dave: Are they dangerous?
Adrian: Don't ask me. But it's six against two.
Dave: That's unfair.
Adrian: I just saw their teeth...ok, that's it. Dave, we spread again.
Dave: What? No!
Adrian: Shhh, yes! You run back to the TM. I take another route and we'll meet there. Can you do that?
Nicko: We got the shells. And I have a real brachiosaurus on tape. Hey, Bruce, Jan, how was the view up there?
Janick: Breath-taking.
Bruce: Hehe, to be taken literally. Poor Jan got exhausted.
Steve: Where's Dave and H?
Bruce: Well, they stayed down here. They should be here somewhere.
Janick: Maybe they are already in the TM, waiting for us.
Steve: You're right, there's Dave.
Bruce: What is it? You look pale, mate.
Dave: We ran into some nasty-looking little buggers. They were small, but they had sharp teeth. That's why H had the idea to spread ...
Steve: And? Where is he now?
Dave: ... but they all ran after him.
Bruce: What! Damn! We have to find him!
Steve: Fuck! We should never have split up. We should all have gone to the pond.
Nicko: It's not your fault, Steve.
Steve: Of course it's my fault. It was my idea after all.
Janick: There's H. He's being followed by some monsters.
Bruce: Quick, let's get ready for the red buttons. Is he in?
Steve: Yeah, he's in! Let's get out of here.
Dave: Fuck, H, I'm glad you made it, mate. I was so scared.
Adrian: Me too, believe me. When those damn buggers all ran after me I thought I was done for.
Steve: You're bleeding.
Adrian: Nothing serious. One of them jumped on my arm and bit me. I managed to kill it with the spear. That held the others at bay for some precious seconds. So I was able to get away.
Bruce: Well, you are one lucky bastard, H.
Steve: Next time, no more solo-flights. We stay together, whatever happens.