Hi-On Maiden in Colchester on New Year's Eve

Between Christmas and New Year I decided to spend
Some time down in London, to visit a friend
And while on vacation I thought I should stay
To see Hi-on Maiden on New Year's Eve play
In Colchester town they were having their gig
So at six o'clock Friday, I got there while Big
And the boys were busy with getting up all their gear
Five guys all in all - but Swift wasn't here!
In fact the guitarist that night couldn't play
He was sick home in bed - that's sure great dismay
But Big D.'s big brother had quickly agreed
To save the day through a mighty brave feat:
Just like his brother, he sings in a band
(an Iron Maiden tribute, called Maiden England)
But he knows how to play the guitar as well
And he's playing damn good, as far as I can tell
So as Panick Gers this evening he went on stage
And prepared to rock the place into rage

After they'd set up all their props and their gear
I finally got their soundcheck to hear
I love it when people converse in one-two
And the guitarists are running all to and fro
While the band were busy getting their sound top-notch
I checked out the bar and sipped, not on scotch

Banks, the barman of the Twist

No, on Tetley's Bitter, a quite tasty beer
So I had some more of those, in the early New Year
Looking around the venue, I thought: "Top ace,
This club called The Twist is a true Metal place"
Among others, they let tribute bands play
Like the Really Hot Chili Peppers and, hey
A Black Sabbath tribute band is announced as well
This place really sounds great as hell

I took a few pictures of the bar and the club
Before we went out to grab some quick grub
After that, the guys were busy wrecking
Their brains for a gig list and also checking
What their new guitarist for the night could do
They are really committed, and professional, too

At eleven o'clock, the gig was scheduled to start
With Aces High, a song dear to my heart
Unfortunately the place wasn't really packed
But the band performed nevertheless a top-act
After the second song, The Evil That Men Do
They got the audience to come upfront too
Big is really an outstanding frontman
Who talks to his audience and he certainly can
Get a crowd rocking and singing along
To Die With Your Boots On, the very next song
Followed by Play With Madness (which I adore)
By now the people were really shouting for more

With Wrathchild on next, they couldn't go wrong
This really outstanding killer(s) song
Hi-on Maiden is not just any tribute band
They aim for perfection, you must understand
Not only every detail in clothes and stage gear
Imitates Maiden, also the way they play is near
To perfection, the Maiden way, and it's really worthwhile
To note Harris's top-ace two finger-style!

Wasted Years's the next song, I'm truly in bliss
Adrian's songwriting goes never amiss
But midnight creeps nearer, and it just feels so right
To await the Near Year with Two Minutes to Midnight
Six minutes before the memorable hour
We sing "Six minutes to midnight" with full lung-power
In the next chorus it's four, thus counting down
To two minutes and finally "Happy New year all around"
We greet the New Year, the band's shaking hands
And then rock on like last year, delighting the fans

After four more really excellent songs, namely
Bring Your Daughter and Hallowed Be,
Fear of the Dark and then Iron Maiden lastly
(during which we were sorely missing our Eddie)
They run off the stage, which of course we know well
Just means that the guys do want you to yell
"Maiden", for them to come out once more
And rock the venue again to the core

where's the drummer? ...

And out they come, with Number of the Beast
A highlight which this time was even better, I'm pleased
Since it is Hi-on Maiden's proclaimed ambition
To honour each well-known Maiden tradition
Poor Quicko, who was born on New Year's Eve
Did a mighty good custard pieing receive!

ahh ... there he is

That was so delightful and the fans chimed all in
When we chanted "Happy Birthday" to celebrate him.
After that The Trooper and Run To The Hills
Concluded an excellent set full of thrills

By the way, with the start of the New Year
Hi-on Maiden celebrate their ten year career
For this event, they printed some new shirts
Which can be purchased and worn (that never hurts) (no, they DIDN'T tell me to promote their merchandise)
Also a poster, the one you here see
States that this band is for sure no newbee

But the best news of all is of course that this year
They'll be playing more gigs for the fans far and near
So I guess we'll still have much opportunity
To enjoy Hi-on Maiden and their jubilee!

That's all from this trip, my first pilgrimage year
With a fare-well to the boys will also end here