Hi-on Maiden in Verviers

Next day after breakfast (which the Maiden guys miss  )
I drive to Verviers, but unfortunately this
Day is so cold, it's not too much fun
To be walking around under a bleak winter sun
This place lies high up in the ancient Ardennes
A gothic dark landscape with moors and suspense
Hanging low over windswept bleak frost-covered dales
Not unlike the Peak District or parts of Wales
I'm getting romantic, I'd better move on
And tell you 'bout Verviers, which must lie upon
A hill of some kind, cause stairs do abound
Wherever I turn, I have to climb up or down

Christmas decorations lighten up the mood
And after I've gotten some excellent food (couscous, yummy!)
I walk to the club called The Spirit of 66
Add just one more 6 and we'll all get our kicks!
But no, this name of course to a street relates
Going all through the south of the United States
From California to the Atlantic Ocean
And it conjures up the romantic notion
Of bikes and of freedom, of peace and of love
Of laid-back rock music and all such cool stuff

I arrived at the club and was sorry to hear
That the guys had already soundchecked their gear
But thank Rod they would not be on till 'round 9
I tried playing darts, and I think I did fine
We also had a nice chat and I asked that
They please include Two Minutes into their set
"How long does it take till you can play so fast?"
Is what from Speed Harris I anxiously asked
Cause my fingers are definitely slow-motion style
"Just practice some more, you'll get faster in a while"
Yeah, well, if you say so, your word in Rod's ear
It just will not happen before I'm eighty, I fear!

At nine o'clock finally the boys hit the stage
With me in the first row, all ready for rage
For shouting and screaming, just like yesterday
And with Caught Somewhere in Time they're on their way
Launched yet again into a fantastic live show
And this time it's even better, cause even though
The stage is much smaller (which makes it harder to run)
For me a small club is just so much more fun
It's intimate really, all the fans are packed tight
And the room is soon boiling for another great night

After the opening, The Evil That Men Do's done
As the song rightly states, this tune just lives on
Then Die With Your Boots On and Revelations
And then we get treated to Coleridge inspirations
Yes, Rime of the Ancient Mariner's played
Now isn't that awesome, isn't that great
A most wonderful song, based on great poetry
Cause I adore the romantic poets, you see

The next song's great message is similar to this
Do not fight with each other, it's much better to kiss (well, kind of  )
It's Adrian's amazing epic song treat
Called Paschendale, a top song indeed
Then it's on to a hard-driven No More Lies
In which Big urges us all on to give him loud cries
Shouting and clapping is what he demands
And we're gladly obliging with our voices and hands

Then, yes, this little bard is full of sweet bliss
Cause Two Minutes to Midnight's delivered, now this
Is definitely in favour of the guys
At least they heed song requests, now that is nice.

Isn't this just a great line-up?

Another song request is heeded tonight
They play Déjà Vu and that just sounds so damn right
Then POTO and then the bell begins to chime
For that poor bloke waiting to pay for his crime
Then they demand someone's innocent daughter
To be brought yet again to the terrible slaughter

Hmm, nice butt!

Before Big tells us all about a phobia of Arry
Who in places all dark seems to be very wary
Then Iron Maiden and Eddie conquer the stage
And that's it already - but no, they engage
Yet again into three fulminating encores
Of 666 and flag-waving Trooper full force
And the last song which tops every Maiden gig's bills
Is of course our long-running Run to the Hills!

Those pants!

From left to right: Speed, Quicko, Swifty, me, Eddie, Big and Hurry

After that I'm invited, by Speed real quick
To get down backstage to take one more pic
But the evening is not yet finished, it fits
That the Spirit of 66 provides spirits
Of all possible kinds, and of all colour too
Some real strange smelling, but their taste will do

A priced front!

Eddie is definitely less frightening offstage than on

To round off a wonderful evening and gig
I get all the guys to sign very quick
Each one an autograph on the T-shirt for me
As keepsake for a memorable Maiden spree!

Top: Swifty, Hurry and Speed
Bottom: Big, SteelEddie and Quicko