Part 19

Next evening, at the Angel and the Gambler:

Uriel: At last there you are, Sariel. Any news so far, mate?
Sariel: Well, Lil had just arrived in Mike's quarters when I left the barracks. I guess we shall know more in a couple of hours.
Raphael: She told me this afternoon that she had business with a member of Rod's army scheduled for tonight.
Sariel: Yeah? Did she complain about us?
Raphael: No, not at all. On the contrary, she sounded pretty excited. But she gave me one of those scary looks of hers. I hope it didn't mean that she intends to tell Mike something about my dreams.
Uriel: It probably just means that she intends to swallow him whole. Poor buddy.
Sariel: Not as poor as that. I just hope Mike won't mess it up. I still think I should have done it myself …
Uriel: Why would he mess up? Don't be so negative, mate. Everything will work out just fine. I'll fetch us another pint, ok?
Sariel: Thanks, Ury. Anyway, Mike told me to wait here for him. In the meantime, I'll keep you two company.
Raphael: I remember the last time we were sitting here together … we were so pissed!
Sariel: Oh yes, we were. I had one of those headaches the next morning. That was before I joined the rebel's squad ...
Raphael: Don't remind me. We got a bollocking from Luce the next day for drinking with you.
Sariel: You did?
Raphael: Oh, yeah!
Uriel: There you go, guys.
Raphael: Thanks, mate.
Sariel: Yeah, thanks.
Uriel: I wonder what they're doing right now?
Sariel: … to think that I could be in his place now … I can imagine vividly what they're doing right now. Damn.
Raphael: Whatever it is, I'm glad I don't have to do it.
Uriel: Raph, you're probably the only one in all of Heaven who is not interested in a date with Lilith.
Raphael: That's because I get an overdose of her each day.
Uriel: Then why did you move in with her in the first place?
Raphael: I liked the view from up there. Nice and quiet, with just the stars over your head. And on clear days, you can see all the way to the end of the Rainbow. Besides, the rent was very cheap.
Uriel: Sometimes I wonder, what it would be like …
Sariel: Hey Uriel! Does that mean you fancy her, too? I thought you were scared of her?
Uriel: Well … she throws me those hungry looks sometimes … but … to be honest ... I wouldn't say no …
Raphael: I would. NO, in capital letters. And I don't think that I am the only one. I'm pretty sure Luce wouldn't want to date her either.
Sariel: True. Strange, I've never met anybody as suspicious as Luce. That's not healthy, if you ask me.
Raphael: Hmm. There's many things about Luce that I don't understand. He doesn't like pubs for instance.
Uriel: Although he's living right above the Angel and the Gambler.
Sariel: Probably he got an overdose of that, just like Raph with Lilith!
Uriel: Do you think they're at it now?
Raphael: Who?
Uriel: Lilith and Michael, of course.
Raphael: Oh. Them. I forgot about them.
Uriel: I didn't.
Sariel: Well, we'll find out soon enough. Before I left, I gave him some advice on how to handle the topic. I was even trying to convince him to let me deal with her … but he refused.
Raphael: I don't understand how anybody could want to deal with Lilith without being forced to it …
Sariel: You don't know what you're missing, Raph.
Raphael: Hm.
Uriel: I wish I knew what I was missing …
Sariel: Well, all we can do is wait now, while Mike is having fun … Let's have another pint. This one's on me, guys.

Meanwhile, in the Army's headquarters:

Michael: Don't go yet, will you, Lil? Care for a Holy Smoke?
Lilith: Yes, why not. Thanks, Michael … Ah, I love this brand. Unfortunately I cannot smoke on my cloud.
Michael: And why not?
Lilith: Well, you know that Raphael is my cloudmate. And he doesn't like it when I smoke.
Michael: He's probably concerned about your health. That's his job.
Lilith: Sometimes I wonder if he's not more concerned about the fact that he would have to cure me if I smoked too much.
Michael: Hmm. ... Speaking of Raph, how is he? Haven't seen him for some time.
Lilith: Oh, he's ok. A bit tired these last days …
Michael: Tired? Why? Is he often called out during the night?
Lilith: Ehm … no, I guess not. I wouldn't know anyway, as I'm working nightshifts mostly.
Michael: I see … Aaah, I'm so relaxed right now. Not much to do in the army. Times are awfully quiet, not a single renegade angel to deal with. I think we have stifled every revolutionary idea for good.
Lilith: You have?
Michael: Yes, I'm not aware of any planned coups at the moment. Why, do you suspect anything going on?
Lilith: Ehm … no, I don't.
Michael: We are always happy for any tip-offs. So, if you know anything, you can tell me.
Lilith: You know, Michael, I'm not talking about such things with my customers.
Michael: I bet you don't. Anyway, as I said, I'm pretty convinced of the other angels' loyalties right now. They're all busy doing their jobs. Metatron, Gabriel, Remiel, Lucifer …
Lilith: Lucifer?
Michael: What about him?
Lilith: Ehm … nothing.
Michael: You wouldn't think our brightest of angels is up to any mischief?
Lilith: Haha, no probably not. Why would he?
Michael: Exactly my thinking.
Lilith: Well … I guess I should be going now.
Michael: Hmm … I was wondering if you still have a bit of time?
Lilith: I might …
Michael: Yippie! Today is my lucky day …

And back at the Angel and the Gambler:

Uriel: Mike takesh awfully long, don't you shink?
Raphael: Huh? Are you still thinking about them? Do it like me, mate: drink and forget.
Sariel: Well, the more I drink, the more I think about Lilith … *hic*
Uriel: Me too. I shtart to have vish-shions about them.
Raphael: Vishions? Oh, man, I'm so pissed …
Sariel: Me too, and I have to work tomorrow morning …
Raphael: Haha, too bad for you.
Uriel: Oopsh, guess who entered the pub right now?
Sariel: Mike?
Raphael: Oops indeed. What's he doing here … I thought he hated pubs.
Lucifer: Hi, guys. I thought I might find you here.
Uriel: We're allowed to drink. Sar's our blood brother now.
Lucifer: Yeah, sure. I didn't say anything, I did?
Sariel: How did you know we're here?
Lucifer: I'm living upclouds from the pub, remember? Well, I had just lain down with a book, when all of a sudden I hear Uriel giggling, so I guessed the amigos were having another binge. And I was right, wasn't I?
Uriel: Oopsh. Wash I giggling? *hic*
Raphael: Haha, yeah, you were.
Lucifer: Any news from Operation: Lilith?
Raphael: Lil has to have an operation? Strange, I should know about that.
Lucifer: …
Sariel: I think, Luce means Mike and Lilith …
Raphael: They both need an operation?
Lucifer: Don't you think you should cut down on the beer?
Raphael: Nope. I drink to forget.
Lucifer: You don't have to drink to forget, as experience has told me.
Raphael: Haha. That was a good one.
Lucifer: Anyway, what do you want to forget?
Raphael: Don't know … I forgot.
Lucifer: Hm. So you can stop drinking now.
Sariel: If you must know, we are waiting for Mike and Lil to finish. Mike will meet us here later on.
Lucifer: Ah, good. I'm gonna wait then. Anyway, I'm unable to sleep with this din directly under my cloud.
Uriel: Cool, letsh all have another beer.