Part 27: Candles - Watch Them Burn

Janick: I hope this time the mission has nothing to do with ships and seafare. I've had enough of that for my entire life. I felt like the ground under my feet was swaying even two days after the mission.
Dave: Don't worry, it seems we have arrived on solid ground again.
Bruce: We're in a big city, by the looks of it. There are horse-drawn carriages, so it's definitely NOT the 20th century.
Steve: What's the mission? Maybe it'll give us a clue about the time.
Adrian: Ehm, well, it says: "Come back with a historic candle."
Steve: So much for clues.
Janick: And there's not even a "please". Arrogant bastards.
Nicko: I guess we could find candles in a church, don't you think?
Bruce: Good idea, let's find a church.
Dave: That might be a temple over there. Maybe there's candles as well.
Janick: Now I know where we are. I've visited this place before. It's not a temple, Dave: we're in Paris and this is the Opera House!
Steve: Yeah, I remember. I've been in there on the Beast tour. Just to see what it looks like. Background check on POTO, so to speak.
Dave: Guys, you don't think we have to deal with a real phantom now, do you?
Adrian: Do you believe in ghosts, Dave?
Dave: No, of course not, but I'd rather be careful, that's all. You never know.
Nicko: Anyway, I don't think the Phantom had anything to do with candles, what do you reckon?
Bruce: Hmm, no, probably not, but the chan...
Firmin: It's a scandal! We're dead and buried if they find this out, André.
André: I'm working on a replacement, don't worry, Firmin. It's just not so easy to find a suitable voice. Excuse us sirs, we're in a hurry.
Bruce: Pas de problème.
Firmin: Oh, yes, lots of problems. Unfortunately. I'm going to hang myself! Knife myself!! Drink the poison cup!!!
André: Don't over-react, please.
Steve: What are they talking about? Give me a pill, please.
Dave: Do you have a headache?
Steve: I meant a Babel pill.
Dave: I know. I wanted to lighten up the situation.
Bruce: As far as I understood, they referred to some sort of scandal. I'd like to find out more, if you don't mind.
Steve: Ehm, but I think I do mind. This means trouble again, Bruce, and you know it. You stay here.
Bruce: What, not even a "please"? Look, those guys seem to be harmless enough.
Steve: You never know. We stay together. And don't pout.
Bruce: I'm not pouting. Even though I would have every right to pout.
Nicko: Isn't the famous Rue Morgue also in Paris?
Bruce: Murders in the Rue Morgue ... someone call the Gendarmes ... Murders in ...
Steve: Bruce!
Janick: Apparently the Rue Morgue doesn't exist. It's a bit like Acacia Avenue. Poetic licence.
Nicko: What a pity. I would have liked to film that. Would have made excellent footage.
Bruce: 22, Acacia Avenue ... meet a lady that I knoooooooooohoohooooow!
Steve: Bruce, that's ear-shattering. Stop it, now!
Bruce: And why should I?
Steve: Because it doesn't get the mission solved. And it's making me nervous.
Bruce: It never makes you nervous on stage.
Steve: How do you know? Why do you think we haven't played it on this tour, even though everybody was expecting it? Anyway, on stage I'm pumped up on adrenaline, so it's easier to bear you.
Adrian: Stop quarreling, the two geeks are coming back. Are they waving at us?
Steve: Yeah, Bruce probably made them nervous as well.
Firmin: Who was that? Who was singing just now?
Bruce: Ehm, I'm afraid, that was me, I'm sorry if I ...
André: Can you do that again?
Bruce: What? Singing? Sure.
Steve: Unfortunately, yes.
André: Do it.
Bruce: Meet a lady that I knooooooooooohoohooooow!
André: Excellent. You are a gifted singer.
Steve: Yeah, go on greasing his ego even more, why don't you?
Firmin: Can you please help us out of an extremely embarrassing situation?
Nicko: Hmm, I think our Brucey is more the guy who can bring you into an extremely embarrassing situation, hehe.
Bruce: Haha, very funny. How can I be of help, gentlemen?
Adrian: Oh, no, we gonna jump headfirst into trouble again. I can feel it.
Firmin: A member of our cast has disappeared. And we can't find a suitable replacement for tonight's show. Would you mind helping us? You seem to have a suitable voice.
Bruce: You want me to sing? Yeah, cool. I can do it.
Steve: Bruce! This is opera we're talking. Not Heavy Metal.
Bruce: I know, I know. I'm sure I can do it. I always wanted to sing on a real stage.
Steve: What do you mean? You're saying Maiden never play on a real stage?
Bruce: No, I meant a classical stage. I'm coming with you, gentlemen. Lead the way.
Firmin: So obliged, monsieur. Of course, your friends will have exclusive tickets for tonight's gala. Please follow me to the rehearsal room.
Janick: While we're at it, maybe we should find some candles in there. Let's have a look around.
Steve: All right. But Bruce, you stay in that rehearsal room. No running around and playing tourist, ok? Meanwhile, we're solving the mission.
Bruce: All right, I see you guys tonight after the show.
Dave: There he goes. You think he can learn the part till this evening?
Nicko: If not, he'll probably improvise the lyrics. Wouldn't be the first time. I'm gonna film around a bit. With a bit of luck, I'll find our phantom.
Steve: Don't go alone, please. H, can you go with him?
Adrian: Sure, I'm coming with you, Nick. The phantom is probably in the cellar. Come on.
Dave: Do they really think there's a phantom here?
Steve: Who knows. BBC probably made sure there is one, otherwise there would be no point in sending us here. Not enough action, not enough danger, not enough blood for the TV audience.
Janick: There's lots of candles around. Why don't we simply nick one of those?
Steve: Because I have the feeling that it's not the right "historic" candle. On each mission, once we had the correct thing, we simply knew that that was it.
Dave: Wooo-hooo. Do you see these birds entering backstage? Do you think those are the singers? Lucky Bruce. They're hot.
Janick: They're probably the dancers, seeing how scantily they're dressed.
Dave: I think I want to watch their rehearsal, if you don't mind.
Steve: Ok, why not. Then you can have an eye on Bruce as well. Stay with him, ok?
Dave: Don't worry. See you guys.
Janick: Ok, Nick and H are trying to get the phantom on tape for BBC; Bruce is testing his operatic abilities and Dave is checking out the birds. Nothing has changed.
Steve: Yeah, and that leaves us muggins to solve the mission. Ok, let's go and find that damn historic candle.
Carlotta: No, no, no. I cannot work under these conditions.
Firmin: Signora, please. This gentleman is trying to help. The gala will be ruined without the main male singer.
Carlotta: He's a nobody. I refuse to sing with the first best that accepts to sing.
Bruce: Hey, I am not a nobody! You would be surprised how many people know me, lady.
Carlotta: I've never heard of you.
Bruce: Have you ever sung in front of a quarter million people?
Carlotta: Don't be ridiculous, of course not.
Bruce: Hah!
Carlotta: Braggart! Liar!
Bruce: Believe what you will, but where I come from, a lot more people have heard of me than of you.
Carlotta: Are you insulting me?
Firmin: Please, Signora, try to work with him. It's only for one evening. The replacement singer will be here by tomorrow. I'm on my knees. Pleeeease.
Carlotta: All right. Show me what you can do then.
Dave: Do you mind if I watch the dancers' rehearsal?
André: What? Oh no, you can sit there. Oh, I'm so stressed out. This is all too much for two managers alone. Dear me.
Dave: What happened?
André: Oh, the male singer simply disappeared yesterday evening. And the replacement singer cannot make it for tonight. But the show is sold out. The last tickets were sold when news got out that we had no cast. So we cannot afford to cancel it.
Dave: Don't worry, Bruce is a very good singer. He'll help you. He's rocked Paris more than once.
André: I only hope that the Primadonna is at ease with him as well.
Dave: You have a good dancing group here.
André: Oh, these are just the chorus girls, nothing special. They're the entertainment, understand? Sorry to leave you, but I have important paperwork to attend to.
Nicko: Pretty creepy down here. Too dark for my taste.
Adrian: Yeah, and it smells mouldy. Maybe we should go back soon. They have probably found the candle by now.
Nicko: This is a real maze. Reminds me of Daedalus and his labyrinth. Remember the guy, back in old Crete? But yeah, you're right, better go back before we lose our tracks.
Adrian: Do you really think that Bruce is gonna perform tonight?
Nicko: I think that Harry wants to solve the mission and then leave as quickly as possible ...
Adrian: Yep, exactly my thinking.
Nicko: ... but I also think that Bruce is hellbent on performing tonight. Just like a few months ago on Kill Devil Hill. I'm sure we couldn't have dragged him into the TM without letting him fly this prehistoric airplane.
Adrian: Yeah, well, it was harmless enough. Why not have a bit of fun. But singing an opera? He's not trained for that.
Nicko: Doesn't mean he can't do it. Anyway, I don't think those two managers are expecting too much. They probably would even take Harry if he agreed to sing a couple of notes. They looked pretty desperate to me.
Adrian: Can anyone be that desperate?
Nicko: Anyway, I hope he's gonna perform, it would be excellent footage: Bruce singing an opera. We could include it on the DVD.
Adrian: I think if we keep delaying this DVD just to include more and more footage from our missions, the fans will start to be really pissed. I'm surprised they don't moan more about the fact that it's not even coming out for Christmas.
Nicko: Shh, did you hear that?
Adrian: Yep. Someone is playing an organ. Spooky. Alright. Let's ... go ... back.
Bruce: Hey, Davey, everything alright?
Dave: Hi, Bruce. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm watching the dancers' rehearsal. They're entertainment.
Bruce: I'm having a little break in the audition.
Dave: How's it going?
Bruce: Oh, very well. The songs are not that difficult. I can manage the high notes. Way easier than Aces High or Montsegur. If it wasn't for Carlotta the Harlotta, all would be fine.
Dave: Carlotta the Harlotta?
Bruce: The Primadonna. She's a right bitch, I can tell you. And I have to sing a love duet with that lady. Well, as long as I don't have to kiss her ...
Dave: Poor Bruce. I hope she's not giving you a hard time.
Bruce: More like I'm giving her a hard time, hehe. I have invented the stupid side-remarks before she was even born.
Dave: Ehm, not really. She was born before you.
Bruce: I have been making stupid side-remarks during the time when dinosaurs walked the Earth, remember? I'm sure nobody can top that.
Dave: Oh, right, I forgot that. Our Jurassic Park mission. Still can't believe we made it out of there alive.
Carlotta: Signor Bruce! Can you please take up the rehearsal again? Your major C is not quite what it should be yet.
Bruce: I'm coming. I'm giving her a major C she won't forget in her lifetime. See you later, Dave. Why are these dancers giggling?
Dave: It's what they do. They look at me from time to time, and then they whisper and giggle. I can tell, they have the hots for me.
Bruce: That's at least a dozen chicks. Can you handle them, Davey?
Dave: I'll do my best.
Steve: It just doesn't seem right. I couldn't say that this candle stub is more historic than the other one. Fuck.
Janick: Maybe it's not that difficult. Maybe they really only want a candle, not a specific one.
Steve: I don't know. Probably Nicko was right and we should have gone to a church. And because of Bruce, we're stuck in this Opera House now. Typical.
Janick: Maybe we should take a candle and let it be signed by the singer or something. That would make it historic.
Steve: Can you imagine any singer signing a candlestick?
Janick: I'm sure Bruce would do it if a fan asked him.
Steve: Yeah, Bruce would do it. But Bruce would also do a country and western album if he thought it would get him a headline.
Janick: Ehem, well ... anyway, I'm looking forward to the performance tonight. I've never been to an opera before.
Steve: I was hoping we could solve the mission and do a runner before Bruce is making a fool of himself.
Janick: You cannot do that to him! He's looking forward to it.
Steve: Yeah, and Nicko probably wants the footage for the DVD, if I know him correctly. I guess I'm outnumbered once again.
Carlotta: No, no, no. You have to put more feeling into the words.
Bruce: I cannot put more feeling into the words "I love you", signora. Not with you, anyway.
Carlotta: What do you mean by that? I'm outraged!
Bruce: Anyway, if you had read Goethe's Faust, you would know that he didn't feel too much for the chick, either. Faust was a selfish bastard, and that's the truth of it.
Carlotta: You have to make an effort. Sing as if you wanted me! I want a smashing love-scene!
Bruce: I can smash you if you want.
Carlotta: Oh, oh, I'm, I'm ... Signor Firmin!
Firmin: What is is now, Signora?
Carlotta: He's threatening me.
Bruce: I'm not, with all undue respect. She just keeps constantly nagging about my performance. It's her, not me.
Carlotta: I'm outraged! Let's do the scene again. Firmin, you watch! And tell me what you think of it.
Anne: Dave is a nice name. *giggles*
Dave: Thank you. Same goes for your name, Anne.
Anne: And you are a musician? Great. Maybe you can start in the opera's orchestra.
Dave: Ehm, I am already employed elsewhere, I'm sorry. I have a very permanent slot in a travelling musicians band. Why are your friends giggling?
Anne: Oh, they want me to tell them about you later. We were drawing straws to see who could talk to you. I won. *blushes*
Dave: So you don't have to rehearse your performance anymore?
Anne: Actually I should. But I can make a little break now and then. You want a little tour of the opera house?
Dave: Sure, why not?
Nicko: I don't think we passed this door when we came down.
Adrian: Are you saying we're lost?
Nicko: If you were being very pessimistic, you might call it that, yes.
Adrian: It's creepy here. We should have stayed upstairs.
Nicko: Look, over there! Now this is interesting. Let me film this.
Adrian: Wow! An underground lake. You really think this is the Phantom's lair?
Nicko: Actually I'm not sure the Phantom really existed.
Phantom: Oh, but I can assure you, the Phantom REALLY exists, gentlemen.
André: There I see you, messieurs. Here are your tickets for tonight. Five tickets, as promised. I got you special seats, in box number 5. You will have a good view from there.
Janick: Thanks, mate, we appreciate. Have you seen our friends?
André: No. Don't tell me they got lost. Oh my, people keep vanishing here. I am not cut out for this job.
Steve: Don't worry, our mates don't simply vanish. They "roam around", but they always come back in the end. Is Bruce at least still where he's supposed to be? That's what's worrying me more.
André: Yes, Monsieur Broose is still rehearsing with the Primadonna. They seem to have taken a liking to each other. Sort of.
Janick: Really? Great. Bruce can be a charmer, if he wants to.
Steve: Look, André. You wouldn't have some special candles stored somewhere?
André: Special candles? What do you mean? We have a big stock of candles, of course. We need hundreds of candles for our big chandelier.
Steve: The big chandelier!
André: Yes, we're very proud of it. It's a masterpiece. You'll see it tonight, illuminating the stage. And now, excuse me, sirs, I have important business to take care of.
Carlotta: Argh, I hate you. You arrogant ...
Firmin: Signora, please ... he's only trying to improve the scenes.
Carlotta: Improve the scenes? He is standing right in front of me, so that nobody can see me.
Bruce: That's improving the scenes.
Carlotta: I'll kill him!
Firmin: No, please!
Bruce: The male singer always stands in centerstage. Steve had to learn that as well, signora. So - eat it, or we'll find a replacement for you.
Carlotta: Arrrghh!!!
Firmin: Signora!! Pleeeheeease!
Bruce: Look, lady, why can't we behave like professionals? Let's make this clear, once and for all: You hate me. You think I'm a bastard. I hate you. I think you're a bitch.
Carlotta: WHAT!
Bruce: With that said and done, let's turn back to the matter at hand. There's a show to be delivered. We are singers, both of us. Professionals, I might add. We want to make the performance work tonight. So can we please study our parts and do our best?
Firmin: That's a good idea. I completely agree. Excellent, Monsieur Broose!
Carlotta: Hmmm, but after the show, I'll kick your ass.
Bruce: Ts,ts,ts, such nasty words from a cultivated lady like you.
Anne: And this is the dancers' dormitory. *blushes*
Dave: You have your own rooms in the Opera building?
Anne: Yes, the dancers are living here. We are entertainment, you must know. *blushes* But it's not allowed to bring men up here, unless for business.
Dave: Oh, then I better go back downstairs. I don't want to get you into trouble.
Anne: Oh, but please do get me into trouble. *blushes*
Dave: Ehm, oh ... eh, sorry. I cannot stay here. Look I have to ...
Anne: Dave! I love you!
Dave: What? No! We barely met five minutes ago.
Anne: Marry me and bring me out of here. I don't want to stay a dancer for the rest of my life.
Dave: I'm sorry, but I ...
Steve: Hey, Dave, what are you doing here?
Dave: Oh, Steve, thanks for showing up.
Steve: Huh?
Anne: You are men. You are not allowed to be in these parts of the opera. Leave!
Janick: Dave is also here.
Anne: Yeah, but he's special. We're engaged.
Steve: What?
Dave: I swear, it wasn't my fault.
Anne: Dave, you promised me.
Dave: I never promised you anything.
Anne: You lied!
Dave: Never!
Steve: Does she know you are already married?
Dave: Ehm.
Anne: You are married? Oh, poor me, you broke my heart. I hate you. I will die an old spinster. Bastard!
Dave: No, Anne, please. I never promised anything!
Steve: Let her run. One day, she'll find another one. Probably tonight.
Dave: Look, Steve, we didn't even kiss. That girl is imagining things.
Steve: Hmm, anyway, we don't have time for that. I think we found the solution to the mission.
Dave: Oh, you did? You found the candle?
Janick: Yes and no.
Dave: What do you mean?
Steve: I think we need to get one of the candles from the big chandelier. That chandelier is famous. Apparently it crashed down onto the stage during a performance.
Dave: Ok, then let's get a candle from it.
Janick: Well, trouble is, that chandelier is pretty high up under the roof. Impossible to reach it.
Dave: Maybe we should ask Bruce. He's used to swinging from chandeliers.
Steve: Yeah, we can ask him to climb up. Maybe then he doesn't insist on his performance tonight. I'm also worried about H and Nicko. They seem to have disappeared.
Phantom: What brings you to my realm?
Nicko: We mean no harm. Actually, we got lost and we're looking for a way back to the Main Hall.
Phantom: Usually people don't stray here. And those who do, don't live to tell the tale.
Adrian: Are you threatening us, mate?
Phantom: No, my excuses, gentlemen. I will not harm you. I am only a lonely person who wants to write music and lead a quiet life.
Nicko: Hmm, that's not really what they believe up there.
Phantom: There have been incidents in the opera lately. They blame it on me.
Adrian: You're saying it wasn't you?
Phantom: No, of course it wasn't me. I only want to watch the performance. I usually creep in silently into Box 5, my personal box, that is always reserved for me. Then I enjoy the performance and afterwards I come down here again. I have no intention of harming the singers.
Nicko: So, who would want to harm them, then?
Phantom: I don't know, but I am trying to find out. I'll bring you upstairs again, gentlemen. Please don't reveal my secret. My life is difficult enough without the extra publicity.
Adrian: Sure, we'll keep quiet. Don't worry.
Bruce: This wasn't too bad. A bit more theatrical and you're almost perfect.
Carlotta: You think so? I quite like my voice like that.
Bruce: Yes, you're getting there. Try this line now ...
Carlotta: Thank you, signor Bruce. Maybe I have misjudged your competence after all.
Bruce: Many people misjudge me. I won't hold it against you.
André: Everything ready for tonight?
Firmin: Unbelievable. The Primadonna is taking singing lessons from the newcomer. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes ...
André: I gave his friends Box number 5. There were no other seats available, as all's sold out.
Firmin: Box 5! What if the Phantom shows up tonight?
André: Well, there is no other seat, I had to give them that box or none.
Firmin: I'm starting to feel my migraine again. Why is there always a problem?
Steve: Hey, Bruce, everything fine here?
Carlotta: And who do you think you are, to crash into a rehearsal like that?
Steve: Who is that peacock?
Carlotta: Peacock?!?
Bruce: Ehem, Steve, let me introduce you. This is the Primadonna of the Opera, signora Carlotta. Not to be mixed up with a certain Charlotte we know ... Signora, these are my friends: Steve, Janick and Dave. They are all very gifted musicians. Very famous, too.
Carlotta: Oh really? Then it's an honour to meet you. You may kiss my hand.
Dave: I prefer not to. Soon as you kiss them, people get funny ideas around here.
Bruce: Where's H and Nicko? Any trouble?
Janick: They wanted to film around a bit. We haven't heard from them for hours. We're starting to worry.
Bruce: Not good. The performance will soon begin. I have to get dressed.
Steve: Don't you want to know how far we got with the mission?
Carlotta: What mission is he talking about, signor Bruce?
Bruce: Eh, nothing of importance. Excuse me for a second. ... So, do you have that famous candle?
Steve: It's probably one of the candles from the big chandelier. First we wanted you to get up there, but we found out that it will be brought down after the performance, to put out the candles. So that's the moment we're waiting for. And then we make a runner. In other words: no after-party tonight, understood?
Bruce: All right, all right. No chance I'm partying with that shrew, anyway. Even though I'm starting to mould her to my liking. Ok, but now I have to prepare for my performance. I'll be Faust.
Dave: I didn't know that was an opera.
Bruce: Well, you know now. Quite a famous one, actually, by Gounod. I haven't learnt the entire text, it was simply too much. But I know the story, so I'll simply improvise. The audience won't know the text, anyway.
Janick: Well, let's hope so. Ok, we're heading to our box then. See you later.
Phantom: Here's my box. Box 5. Please take a seat and enjoy the show with me.
Adrian: Maybe we should notify the others first. They might worry about us.
Nicko: No need. Here they come, teeeheee.
Steve: Oh, hey, Nick and H. There you are. We were already ...
Phantom: What are you doing in my box, gentlemen?
Steve: Why your box? The manager told us we could use it for the performance tonight.
Phantom: I wanted privacy. He shouldn't have given the box away. Those were my orders. I am becoming very angry indeed. I'm wronged.
Dave: Are you the phantom?
Adrian: He is ok, Dave. He helped us out of the maze. The history got it all wrong.
Steve: History is wrong, ey? That means, my song is also wrong. Damn, I thought I had the correct background info, for once. But no: again a screw-up, just like with Quest for Fire.
Phantom: You can watch the performance with me, if you like.
Dave: Thanks, mate, we appreciate.
Janick: Bruce has entered the stage. Look at his clothes.
Adrian: The good ole spandex times are back.
Nicko: I have to film this performance. Bruce and funny pants. A story in many acts.
Janick: Bruce's performance is really good, I think.
Steve: Well, I just hope he doesn't want to include operatic bits into his next songs. If he does, I'll put my veto in.
Dave: There's the dancers coming up. See, there is Anne. The third from the left.
Adrian: Who is she?
Dave: Oh, a nice girl, but she fell in love with me. I had to disappoint her, poor thing.
Steve: You don't really believe that she fell in love with you? She just wanted to have a better life. Somebody to bring the money home.
Dave: Oh, you think so?
Steve: Dave, don't be naive.
Phantom: What's that?
Nicko: What do you mean?
Phantom: See up there? The big chandelier? It's moving.
Steve: Yeah, there's a dark figure fiddling with the ropes.
Adrian: If he continues like that, the whole chandelier will crush down.
Janick: That's what happened according to the story. We have to do something.
Phantom: I know a quick way up to the ropes. I'll try to prevent the catastrophe. That's probably the guy who is making trouble all along, putting the blame on me. Farewell, my friends.
Dave: If the chandelier crashes, it will crash onto the stage. We have to warn Bruce.
Steve: How do you want to warn him from here? You don't think he's looking up at us?
Nicko: I can see the Phantom wrestling with a shady figure up in the ropes. The chandelier is still shaking.
Adrian: Damn, it's coming down!
Steve: Bruce, get off the stage!
Carlotta: Why is your impossible friend disturbing the performance?
Bruce: I don't ... oh, fuck, Carlotta, get down!
Carlotta: What?
Bruce: The chandelier is crashing!
Carlotta: Aaaah! Help!!!
Bruce: Are you all right? Ouch. That hurt.
Carlotta: Yes, thank you. Everything is fine. And tomorrow I will hand in my letter of resignation. I've had enough with these incidents. I don't need this kind of excitement.
Firmin: We're ruined! We're ruined. Bring buckets of water, the curtain is burning! My poor opera house! My poor purse!
André: This was the phantom's doing again.
Steve: No, it wasn't. There was another person meddling with the ropes. Bruce, are you ok?
Bruce: Yes, I'm ok. I got hit on the shoulder, but it's nothing serious. Thanks for warning me, 'Arry. I didn't see it coming.
Adrian: I have one of the candles. Can't get more historic than that. Can we go now?
Nicko: And I have the whole incident on tape. This is better than Eyewitness-News. Hehe, BBC can't complain about this footage.
Steve: Ok, then we better be off. There's nothing left to do here.
Bruce: Well, I kinda would like to know who was responsible for this incident.
Dave: Can't have been the phantom. He was with us all along, and we all saw a shadow up in the ropes.
Janick: In fact, he ran up to prevent the worst.
Steve: Come to think of it: the chandelier only crashed after he went up. Maybe this was all a trick?
Bruce: Yeah, the phantom surely knows many tricks and traps to make us believe all sorts of things. He's hiding behind a false mask, as they say.
Adrian: I don't know. The guy was ok. He helped us in the underground maze. I think he was wrongly accused. He never tortured us back at his lair.
Nicko: We will probably never know the truth. Pity, though. But history will put the blame on the phantom.
Steve: Better let the local police deal with the incident. We should be off before they arrive, or we might run into trouble as well.
Dave: Right: We better watch our step and don't stray from the narrow way.
Steve: Are you quoting my lyrics?
Dave: No.
Steve: You are.
Dave: Sorry.
Bruce: But Arry is right. Let's escape while the others are busy with the burning curtain.
Janick: Your performance was excellent, Bruce.
Bruce: Thanks. Maybe I should include some of my new experiences into future songs.
Steve: You just try.
Bruce: You will put your veto in, right?
Steve: Guess.
Bruce: I knew it. No opera career for poor Brucey. So I'll just keep quiet and push the buttons for home. Wohooh, here we go!