Part 25: Infinite Dreams

Janick: So, did he remember me?
Steve: No, apparently he didn't.
Dave: What are you talking about?
Janick: Steve asked Paul on the phone, whether he remembered giving me an autograph in the gents.
Dave: And?
Janick: He didn't remember.
Dave: That's Paul for you. His memory isn't the most accurate.
Bruce: Or maybe we were in a meta-universe, so to speak.
Adrian: Huh?
Bruce: You know ... we were not really in our own history. Well, maybe the history was the same than our own, but we were perhaps in a kind of supra-dimensional parallel meta-reality ...
Steve: Bruce, do you understand yourself sometimes?
Bruce: Eh? I read about this topic in a scie...
Steve: In a science magazine, yes we know. Maybe you should stop reading all these magazines. Would save us some lectures.
Bruce: I got the hint: shut up Bruce.
Nicko: Anyway, we have arrived at our destination, I think. This was a long trip.
Janick: I wonder whether the length of the journey is in any relation to the years we go back in time.
Steve: I have thought about that as well. Couldn't figure it out, though. Maybe I should start taking meta-universes into consideration.
Bruce: Haha. Let's get out of the TM and have a lookie.
Adrian: It's hot.
Bruce: Aw, H, all we hear from you is "It's too hot, it's too cold, it's too..."
Adrian: Well, it IS hot. Look at your burning sky.
Bruce: Which reminds me: Couldn't we include Omega on the next Maiden tour? On the GYT?
Steve: No! If you want to sing your solo songs, do a solo tour, easy as that. Besides, I already told you guys that it WON'T be called The Golden Years Tour.
Bruce: I might pout.
Steve: I might not care.
Dave: What's the next mission?
Janick: I have the paper. Let's see: Bring back a native weapon.
Adrian: Great. Again a weapon. Doesn't sound too comfy-cosy.
Nicko: Maybe we're in a war-zone again. We better watch out.
Bruce: Cause I'm the assa ... ok, I'm quiet, sorry.
Steve: Hm. There's nobody around. Doesn't look like a battlefield to me.
Adrian: In fact, it looks like a desert.
Bruce: Well, maybe the troops have deserted. Stupid pun, I know.
Nicko: I agree with H for once. It is mighty hot here. Let's walk around to check out the lay of the land.
Janick: Yes, and let's take some water bottles. I think we might need them.
Steve: Good idea, and we stay together. This time I mean it.
Bruce: You always meant it.
Steve: Let's walk, ok.
Dave: I feel exhausted. There is no shade in sight.
Steve: Yeah, I wonder how the fuck we should find this weapon. There is nothing 'ere but sand for miles and miles.
Bruce: Maybe we find the weapon of somebody who died in a sandstorm?
Steve: That's supposed to reassure me?
Bruce: Well, at least he won't put up a fight if we take his sword.
Adrian: How do you know it's a sword?
Bruce: I don't know, I just guessed. Doesn't look too populated here. Maybe we're in an imperial war-time.
Dave: Deserts are in Africa.
Bruce: So my guess would be we're in the Sahara or some such. Hmm, was there a war in the Sahara?
Steve: There probably has been a war in every place on this planet already. People never change.
Adrian: Look over there: a river with some bushes.
Nicko: Yay, we can fill up our water bottles.
Bruce: Unless it's a fata morgana. That happens in deserts.
Steve: A collective fata morgana for the six of us?
Bruce: Ehm, maybe not then. You're right.
Janick: Hey, look at the plain down there. It's no desert at all anymore.
Nicko: Ah great, I guess we're closer to our mission's solution then. Let's go down there.
Steve: Maybe we should take a Babel Pill first. Before we meet people.
Bruce: All right. Gimme that pill. How do I talk?
Adrian: I don't understand a word.
Janick: This language doesn't sound like anything I have ever heard. Kinda backward, don't you think?
Dave: Maybe we're back in the Stone Age.
Bruce: Hmm, I think it's too hot for the Stone Age.
Adrian: Huh? What is he babbling?
Bruce: Aw, take those pills, guys. This is getting silly. Before 'Arry throws one of his notorious fits again.
Steve: I already took the pill, Bruce.
Bruce: Oops, sorry.
Steve: Notorious, ey?
Bruce: Well ...
Adrian: I think there is even fish in the river. I can see some. ... What the hell is that?
Dave: What is it, mate?
Adrian: Have a look over here. A strange animal.
Steve: Strange, as in: dangerous? Be careful, H.
Adrian: No, it looks harmless enough. A bit like a beaver. Doesn't move much. It's next to the waterside.
Bruce: Ok, now I know where we are.
Janick: And where is that?
Bruce: This is a platypus. They only live in Australia.
Steve: Are they dangerous?
Bruce: Naw, I don't think so. They are famous, because they're one of the only mammals that lay eggs.
Nicko: Interesting. I'm gonna film it. H, stand next to it, and assume a finder's pose.
Adrian: Ok, how do I look? AAARGH!
Steve: What?
Dave: What happened?
Adrian: Oh fuck, this hurts like shit. It scratched my leg with its paw.
Steve: Not dangerous, huh?
Bruce: Well, I'm not an expert.
Adrian: Ouuuuuch, oh fuck. This ... burns ... like ... 'ell.
Dave: Sit down, mate. Oh damn, what if it was poisonous?
Steve: Great. We have to get back to the TM.
Janick: H is writhing on the floor, I don't think he can do the desert crossing again.
Steve: Fuck! We have to find some 'elp. Let's go down there, maybe we'll find some people.
Adrian: Ahhhhh! Shit, this hurts.
Nicko: Somebody should stay with Adrian, though.
Dave: I can stay with him, no problem.
Steve: All right, Dave stays here. Try to clean the wound maybe.
Dave: I will, don't worry.
Steve: We'll be back as soon as possible.
Dave: You'll be fine, H, don't worry.
Adrian: Well, right now ... I don't feel ... fine. Arrrgh! I have never ... felt .... so much pain before.
Dave: You think it was poison?
Adrian: Honestly? Yes, I think ... it was poison. Awwwhhh!
Dave: Damn. Let me clean it out.
Adrian: Fuck, it's so damn hot here. I think ...
Dave: H? H! No, don't pass out! Fuck. What should I do now?
Waae: He won't die from the poison, stranger.
Dave: Who are you? I didn't hear you coming.
Waae: I am Waae, a warrior of the Noongar. I have been watching you since you got out of your cage. The poison of this animal is not dangerous for man. He feels pain, but he won't die.
Dave: Well, at least that's a relief to hear.
Waae: But we should clean out the wound and get the fever down. Let's bring him to our medicine man.
Dave: Is it far away?
Waae: Not that far. We can carry him.
Dave: All right, if you think that the doctor can help him. Thanks.
Steve: The desert starts again. This is not right. We have to try another direction.
Nicko: I think we shouldn't linger too long. Maybe we can carry H back to the TM.
Bruce: It's over an hour back to the TM. Who knows if we find our way back anyway? I think it's risky.
Janick: Well, right now it's risky not to do anything. We should try it at least.
Steve: True, let's go back. Damn, we should have done this immediately. What if it is too late?
Bruce: So ... we forget about the mission for this time?
Steve: Of course. I don't care about that fucking mission. Adrian is a bit more important than some damn antique weapon.
Nicko: There is the river again. We just have to follow it. Behind this bend, that's were they are ...
Bruce: Oh-oh.
Steve: What?
Bruce: That's where they used to be.
Janick: Where have they gone? I can't imagine Dave carrying Adrian through the desert.
Steve: Why didn't they stay here? I told them ...
Nicko: Maybe something unforeseen made them leave.
Steve: That sounds like bad news.
Bruce: Should we search for them separately?
Steve: No, we stay together.
Bruce: But we would cover a larger area.
Steve: Still ... we shouldn't separate. Let me think.
Waae: Your friend has regained consciousness. You can go see him now.
Dave: Thanks, mate. ... Hey, H, how's it going?
Adrian: Pewh, my leg still hurts, but it's bearable. This medicine guy put on some herbs and leaves and cooled the wound down. At one point my leg felt almost frozen. But it worked. I feel better. Where are the others?
Dave: Can't you remember? They were looking for help.
Adrian: Oh right. Maybe we should go and find them. I wouldn't want them to worry for nothing.
Dave: Yes, true. Can you walk?
Medicine Man: Your friend should be resting for some time. It's gonna be dark soon anyway.
Dave: But we have to tell them where we are. They will worry.
Waae: You can talk to them.
Dave: How?
Waae: Come with me.
Steve: Let's move along the river. They can't be that far. And Dave would never leave the riverside.
Janick: Unless he was forced to.
Steve: I don't want to think about that possibility.
Nicko: Watch out, another one of those poisonous animals.
Bruce: At least, they are slow. Not much of a threat.
Steve: If H has died in the meantime, I will kill the BBC-manager.
Janick: It's getting dark soon. Maybe we should stay here. Would be dangerous to get out into the desert by night.
Bruce: I agree. We should stay here. Look, there's a koala in the trees. Remember Davey and that koala on our Australia Tour, back in the 80s?
Steve: Yes, the little bugger peed on his shirt. At least the koala wasn't poisonous. Fuck, I'm worried about H.
Janick: It's really getting dark rapidly Down Under. Does anybody have a torch?
Bruce: We never needed one so far. None of our missions stretched till after dark.
Steve: We should already be back in our own times.
Nicko: Wonder if BBC is coming to get us?
Steve: Honestly, I think they might. But not because of us, only to get their precious equipment back.
Bruce: Don't be cynic, Steve.
Steve: Shh ... did you hear that?
Janick: No. What?
Steve: Somebody was whispering.
Nicko: I didn't hear anything.
Steve: Hm, maybe I was mistaken.
Dave: I don't think I can do that. It sounds mighty difficult.
Waae: Everybody can do it. In the Dreamtime, all was one. And even though it was a long time ago, we are still part of the Original Creation. We are all bound together by invisible links. Therefore every creature can communicate with each other.
Dave: Even over great distances?
Waae: Wherever they are, they should hear you. Trust me. Now concentrate.
Dave: Ok, I try.
Bruce: I don't think I can fall asleep here.
Steve: Me neither. Not with H lying dead somewhere, and Dave being lost in the desert or worse.
Janick: Think positive, 'Arry. Look at it this way: would Dave have left here, if H was dead? Probably not. Maybe he felt better again, and they set out to find us.
Steve: That would have been the most stupid idea. Where would they have found ... did you hear that?
Bruce: That's Nicko snoring.
Nicko: I'm not snoring, Bruce, I can't sleep either.
Bruce: Oh.
Steve: No, someone's whispering. Very indistinctly. I can't make out from where it comes.
Janick: I don't hear anyth ...
Steve: There it was again!
Bruce: Can't hear a thing. Steve, are you all right?
Steve: I'm fine.
Dave: I don't hear anything. I don't think they can hear me. I failed.
Waae: You won't fail. Try again. Concentrate on the person. Feel his frequency and then sail on it.
Dave: Oh my, how do I feel his frequency?
Waae: Did you choose the person with the strongest frequency?
Dave: I'm not sure. I hope so.
Waae: Try again. Tell him that you are all right.
Nicko: Maybe you want some more water, 'Arry? I still have some left in me bottle.
Steve: I'm not thirsty. Maybe I'm only tired. We should try to get some sleep after all. To be fit tomorrow for the search.
Bruce: Davey, H, where the hell are you out there?
Steve: Fuck, what was that?
Janick: What?
Steve: I distinctly hear a voice ...
Bruce: Not again. I can't hear anything, honestly.
Steve: I think I hear the voice in my head ...
Nicko: You should drink some water, 'Arry.
Steve: I'm not going insane.
Bruce: You know, I already wondered back when you wrote Still Life ...
Steve: I'm telling you, I hear the voice.
Nicko: Beckoning you?
Bruce: Sure, 'Arry. You're tired. You need some rest.
Steve: Waugal?
Janick: What do you mean?
Steve: The voice said Waugal.
Bruce: It did, eh? Ok, guys, what should we do? He's losing it.
Steve: I'm NOT losing it, dammit. I hear him.
Nicko: Who?
Steve: Dave. I hear Dave in my head.
Dave: I'm exhausted. This is mind-wrecking.
Waae: It's ok if you're tired. If you manage to get yourself in some sort of trance, you can bond better with your friend.
Dave: A trance. I don't think I can manage that.
Adrian: Hey, Dave. I feel way better now. I have slept like a log for the last few hours. It's pretty dark outside, don't you think? Where are the others?
Dave: I haven't found them yet.
Adrian: Oh. Did you look for them?
Dave: No, it was too dark. Waae told me to communicate with them via telepathy.
Adrian: Can you do that?
Dave: Apparently everybody can do it. But I'm not sure I reach them. Maybe I'm not a good medium.
Waae: Of course you are. You just have to believe in your inner force and the bond that connects you.
Janick: How can you hear Dave in your head?
Steve: I don't know, maybe I was mistaken. Anyway, I don't hear him now. Fuck, I'm worn out.
Nicko: You're over-tired surely. Get some rest.
Steve: Yes, maybe you're right. Good night. And wake me up if there's trouble.
Bruce: If there's trouble, you'll be the first to know.
Adrian: Dave?
Waae: Don't disturb him. He's getting there.
Adrian: He looks hypnotized.
Waae: Shh, he's sailing the frequency. Let him. He'll be ok.
Adrian: I hope he is reaching Steve. They must be worried sick by now.
Steve: Dave?
Bruce: What? Where?
Steve: Ooooh, what is that?
Nicko: Did you have a nightmare? You jumped as if bitten by a cobra.
Steve: The Waugal is a river.
Bruce: Aha.
Steve: Dave just told me.
Janick: In your head?
Steve: Yes. I've no doubt that you think I'm out of my head, but I really do hear him.
Bruce: Hm-hm. Ok. What does he say?
Steve: He says we should wait near the Waugal. And that they're both fine. They're with the Noongar.
Nicko: That's good news.
Bruce: It's only good news if it's really Dave telling him this. What if he went bonkers? What if it's his nightmares from the Pool? After all, he wrote that song with Dave.
Steve: Bruce! I'm not crazy. I can hear him, fuck.
Janick: Can he hear you, too?
Steve: I don't know.
Nicko: Maybe instead of talking, you should try to concentrate. Like a clairvoyant or something.
Bruce: I thought I was the esoteric here. Why didn't he communicate with me?
Janick: Maybe because you are talking all the time?
Bruce: So?
Nicko: Well, Steve was asleep, so maybe he was more receptive.
Bruce: You're saying I'm not receptive?
Steve: Be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate.
Adrian: He's opening his eyes again. Are you ok, mate?
Waae: He was there. I can see it in his eyes.
Dave: They are ok. They're waiting by the river. Let's go as soon as possible.
Waae: The sun will be up soon. I will accompany you.
Adrian: So were you talking to Arry?
Dave: Yes, I was. The beginning was hazy, but all of a sudden I knew he was listening. Then it was blurred again. And then, I heard his voice in my head. I only got fragments, but he said "I hear you. We wait near the river." That's when I logged off.
Waae: Let's get some sleep before we set out.
Bruce: 'Arry, I swear, at one point your eyes were rolling into your head. I thought we had to reanimate you.
Steve: It was an awesome experience. I communicated telepathically, can you believe that? It was so otherworldly.
Nicko: Like your out of body experience? Maybe an inspiration for Heaven Can Wait Again?
Steve: I am not sure if I could put this experience into words.
Bruce: Well, then we call it Losfer Words Two (Still Big Orra).
Steve: Be serious, Bruce.
Nicko: And you're sure you were talking to Dave?
Steve: I wouldn't call it "talking". But yes, I felt that he heard me.
Janick: You told him where we are?
Steve: Yes. They will come by sundawn. Let's get some sleep now. I feel reassured.
Bruce: Nightie night then. Now we rest in peace.

Janick: Wake up, Steve.
Steve: Hm, what? Are they here?
Nicko: No, not yet, but I heard something. There is a shadow behind the bushes. I saw gleaming eyes, too. Looks like a dog or something.
Bruce: Shit! We're in Australia, so it's probably a dingo.
Steve: They are more like wolves than dogs, right?
Bruce: So I heard.
Janick: Anybody got a weapon of sorts?
Bruce: You mean, the weapon that we should have found on the mission?
Janick: I guess that means "no".
Bruce: I still have my Swiss pocket-knife.
Nicko: Won't be much use against a dingo.
Steve: Fuck, he's coming nearer. He is smelling us.
Bruce: It's four against one, surely we can fight it?
Steve: Not so sure about that.
Bruce: Shit.
Nicko: It's charging ...
Nicko: What was that? Flook?
Janick: Looks like a boomerang hit it on the head. Is it dead now?
Steve: Just in the nick of time. There's H and Dave, with a little bloke.
Dave: Hey, guys. Did you see that? We saw the dingo and Waae hit it with the boomerang. He's a great hunter.
Bruce: Adrian. Are you ok again?
Adrian: Yes, the medicine man was pretty efficient.
Dave: But apparently the poison is only deadly for animals.
Steve: What? We didn't have to go and look for help in the first place?
Adrian: Well, believe me, I was happy when it stopped hurting.
Bruce: Just a question: Were you trying telepathy last night?
Dave: Yes, I was. I communicated with 'Arry. Did you get the message?
Steve: Message from Dave got through in the end. The guys here thought I had lost my marbles.
Bruce: Well, it was creepy. You kept hearing voices.
Dave: So you heard me? Great.
Steve: Yeah, but in the beginning I thought I only imagined it.
Dave: I tried hard, but it was difficult to concentrate. But we are all one, every creature of the universe, united through the strings of Dreamtime.
Adrian: And the good news is: We can leave now. We have the weapon.
Dave: Yes, Waae gave us one of his boomerangs as a gift. Isn't that nice of him?
Steve: Great, let's go then. Thanks for your help, Waae. We will never forget.
Waae: The friends of my friends are also my friends. And since Dreamtime, we all belong together anyway.
Bruce: Dreamtime. I have read about that. It's like a mythological ...
Steve: Later, Bruce. Let's go home first.
Janick: One more hour to get back to the TM. Let's go.
Bruce: Oh, by the way, Davey, we saw a koala yesterday evening. Remember that koala?
Dave: Oh yes, the Beast tour. The little koala. He was cute.
Adrian: Was that the one who peed on your shirt?
Dave: Yes. Pity I haven't seen any kangaroos on this trip.
Adrian: I have seen enough animals for a lifetime, believe me. And felt them, too.
Steve: But you're sure you're all right now?
Adrian: Yep. I can walk, no problem.
Nicko: Ok, then let's go home.