Part 2: In the BBC Studios

BBC-Manager (on the phone): No, don’t worry, I have recruited the perfect guinea-pigs for the trip. … They’re Heavy-Metallers … Yeah, I wouldn’t want to set foot in such a machine either, but you know - rockers … Oops, gotta go now, I see them arrive.
Bruce: So, here we are. What’s the first mission?
Adrian: How many missions will there be?
BBC-Manager: I see you are all eager to participate. Good, good.
Steve: How EXACTLY do you see that?
BBC-Manager: Ehm …
Bruce: Ah, don’t mind Steve, no, we are all into it, don’t worry.
Adrian: I’m not. OUCH, Bruce, fuck, don’t stamp on my foot.
BBC-Manager: Ok, will you all follow me into the time-travel-room, please? We call it the "TTR". Makes much more scientific, don’t you think?
Steve: Haha, yes … never heard such a stupid thing in my life before.
BBC-Manager: Excuse me?
Steve: Nothing.
Janick: Ah, here is the Time-Machine. So how do we operate it?
Bruce: I know that already, they showed me yesterday.
Steve: Is that to say that we have to trust our lives into your hands now?
Adrian: We’re doomed!
Dave: I trust Bruce.
Steve: Well, you would also trust a one-armed man to win a hand-clapping contest.
Dave: That’s not nice.
Adrian: Haha, actually that was a good one.
Nicko: What are all those red buttons here? Can I push them?
BBC-Manager: No, don’t push the red buttons!
Steve: And why not? Are we gonna turn into flies if we do?
BBC-Manager: Flies? What do you mean?
Bruce: Never mind … no, the red buttons are for the trip back. As we haven’t left yet, we shouldn’t push red buttons, ok, Arry?
Steve: Yeah, makes sense, no reason to get all excited.
Janick: So, that first mission? Will you tell us?
BBC-Manager: Yes, sure. So, we're going to send you to a certain place and time, and you have to find an object there to bring back. And don’t forget to film some parts of your trip.
Steve: Ok, where are we going?
BBC-Manager: That’s part of the adventure. We won’t tell you beforehand. You have to find out for yourself.
Steve: Great. We will be sent to Nowhere, Iowa, Year 1700, and then we’re supposed to find out where we are? How do you think we will do that? Ask the local Indian tourist guide? Bruce, if we get out of this alive, you’re in for a rough time.
BBC-Manager: Don’t worry, we will send you to historically important locations.
Adrian: Like Pompeji, half an hour before the volcano erupts?
Bruce: Don’t be so negative, H. I’m sure they don’t want us to DIE on the trip.
BBC-Manager: Well, no, the equipment is rather expensive …
Steve: THE EQUIPMENT! What about us? This guy is a psychopath.
Nicko: I want to push buttons, let’s start!
Dave: Yes, I’m so excited. I think I need to use the loo.
Steve: Dave ...
Janick: Ok, what’s the mission?
BBC-Manager: You have to get this paper signed by the ruler of the place you will be sent to.
Steve: That’s all? We have to ask for an autograph? That's easy.
Adrian: Depends on who the “ruler” is …