Part 1: Bruce's Idea

Bruce: Awww-kay, guys, I got this incredible offer from BBC, and I already accepted for all of us.
Adrian: Oh, no! What is it this time?
Steve: Don’t tell me you want us to go into that Big Brother container. Because if you do, you’re dead.
Nicko: Might be funny though.
Steve: No, it wouldn't be funny. It’d be embarrassing.
Adrian: I agree.
Bruce: Ah, you spoilsports, you. No, anyway, we are not going into the container …
Steve: Well, that’s good then.
Janick: So what is that incredible offer?
Bruce: We are going on a time-travel!
Steve: A WHAT ?
Adrian: You know, maybe the container wasn’t such a bad idea …
Nicko: Sounds like a lot of fun though. I’m all for it.
Steve: How can we go on a time-travel? Can you explain that, please? And Dave, stop smiling all the time, it makes me nervous.
Bruce: Yeah, well, we get into this machine, and push some buttons, and put in some numbers and figures and stuff, and swoosh and swish and hop, and we arrive someplace and sometime else. Then we have to do a mission there and come back and that’s it. We will take a camera to film it all and it's gonna be shown on BBC, prime-time, every Friday night.
Janick: That’s all? Doesn't sound that difficult.
Bruce: Yeah, apart from the smallprint, it’s not that difficult.
Adrian: The smallprint?
Steve: What IS the smallprint?
Bruce: Hehe, aren't you a bit curious, ey?
Steve: Bruce!
Bruce: Hmm, well, we would be the first to ever test whether this machine will work.
Steve: WHAT?! You want us to get into a fucking time-machine that hasn’t even been tested yet? You think I want to turn into that guy from “The Fly”? Are you crazy?
Bruce: Argh, “The Fly” was science-fiction, you can’t compare that.
Adrian: Eh, sorry Bruce, but isn’t a time-machine also science-fiction?
Bruce: That’s a point that could be discussed. If we had time for that. But we don't. So, no sci-fi discussions, sorry. Anyway, what do you want me to tell the BBC guys? That Iron Maiden are chickens and don’t want to try the adventure of their lives?
Nicko: As I said, I’m all for it …
Steve: DAVE!
Dave: Oops, sorry, I mean, I agree with Nicko. It might be fun.
Bruce: Beeeesides, if we refuse, they'll ask Lars and the boys. Wouldn't want that, would we? Imagine our fans having to watch Captain Kirk and Spocky Hetfield fight the dinosaurs every Friday night. Besides, Rob would give that T-Rex a toothache for sure. You're so much more tasty, Arry.
Steve: Stop that nonsense talk, will you? Well, I don’t want BBC to think that I am a coward, so I guess we have to do it. Fuck!
Adrian: I don’t care what BBC thinks …
Steve: We ALL go, or no one will. You’re coming with us H!
Adrian: Fuck, Bruce, you and your stupid ideas.
Janick: So, when will we set out for the first task?
Bruce: We have to be in the studio tomorrow afternoon. Then we receive our first mission.
Nicko: Looking forward to it …
Steve: I dread it …
Dave: This will be soooo much fun.
Adrian: This will be soooo much trouble.