The Prophecy

In ancient times a druid stood
Alone on Stonehenge high
He lifted up his staff of wood
He scanned the moonlit sky

A star stood high above the land
A star that sparkled bright
The druid tried to comprehend
This message of the night

The clan awaited eagerly
The druid's swift return
They hoped that peace, prosperity
Their chief this night could learn

The morning dawned and there at last
The druid's form was seen
And ere another hour passed
A meeting he called in

Three men shall come, thus he began
They act as one, the three
Three men shall bring, the story ran,
Hope and prosperity

All hail these men, the Britons cried
All hail as well to thee
O star of hope, o ray of light
We praise you endlessly

Three thousand years passed like a day
The land knew war and strife
But through all fear and all dismay
The legend was alive

Of three men, who would act as one
Whose deeds would change the world
Through all the battles, lost and won
The legend still unfurled

Heroic stories, Celtic lore
Enlarged upon the tale
That one day soon on Britain's shore
Their friendship shall prevail

But battle followed battle still
Kings called themselves "The Great"
Because their power and their will
They forced upon their mate

The Alfreds, Williams, Henrys too
They acted on their own
Not once there was a sovereign who
For team-effort was known

In present time we now arrive
A brave new world it is
Yet our men of power strive,
Like always, for THEIR bliss

But why a man of power seek
A politician, king?
At palace doors in vain you seek
What cribs of hay can bring

In London's East End two good friends
Picked up some old guitars
They learnt some chords with no pretence
Of really being stars

"Maybe a living we can make
If we go all the way
Much more than fun is not at stake
A pub might let us play"

Their talent and their friendship soon
Sparked off a metal band
They played from 2 AM till noon
Their evil ways were grand!

A decade full of power riffs
Of tunes emotional
When Fate, the merciless, uplifts
An abyss, deep as Hell!

The friends are ripped apart by her
No warning did she give
Like fallen heroes they appear
As two, not one, they live

But Fate's strange ways can surely not
Be easily dismissed
For Hand of Fate, so wise, begot
Another guitarist

A merry fellow was the guy
He danced and pranced and played
Onstage he was not moody-shy
His unique style was great

The two guitarists got to like
Each other well and more
A decade passed, ten years unlike
The years they'd known afore

Times passes on, we wait and see
Spool, turn another turn
A new age dawned upon the three
A brave new world we learn

United now they stand as one
In unison so strong
The third decade has now begun
And ended has my song

I hear a reader say: Stop, no!
Their power does not run the show:
Prosperity we sorely miss
And peace still lacks on earth

To this I answer: My dear friend,
I fear you do not understand:
They gave us Piece of Mind which is
The greatest wealth and mirth!

(written on September 15th 2004)