One day, twas late afternoon I would think,
Janick was craving a bite and a drink
He brewed some black tea and plundered the board
On which Davey's tasty cupcakes were stored

Delicious these cupcakes seemed really to be
Especially when dipped into sweet hot black tea
Jan's stomach was starting to grumble with glea
"Dear cupcake, your lifespan is over" said he.

"But don't fear, you surely won't die all in vain
From your death I will pleasure and happiness gain"
The hand was uplifted, the mouth opened wide
And Janick was preparing to take a huge bite

At that moment, our Adrian opened the door
He too was quite hungry and what was more
He wanted those cupcakes he'd seen there before
When he spotted old Janick, he said: "Now we're at war
This cupcake is mine, how dare you eat
A pastry I meant to steal! Your life is forfeat."

Soon later two guitar-gods rolled on the floor
Knocking and bashing each other quite sore
The door opened wide and Davey came in
He looked in amazement at this unlikely scene

"Hey, mates, stop this fighting, calm down and be cool
I don't like us three amigos behaving like fools
I'm all for good cheer and not quarrel and strife
And therefore I've nagged my beloved dear wife
To bake us some cake, topped with chocolate and creams
This prospect should stop you from fighting, it seems."

But Janick was deaf and H would not hear
An end to their fight did not nearly seem near
The cupcake lay smashed in a corner and Dave
Was wondering how he now should behave

"Ok, mates, now listen, an idea I've just had
To fight over cupcakes does really seem mad
And therefore, dear friends, I've just raised the stake
I dare you make peace and relish my cake."

Still Janick won't hear and Adrian is deaf
So Dave loses patience and thinks this is naff
His wonderful cake these two idiots disdain
While fighting over cupcakes in vain

Without much ado
He cuts the cake in two
And smashes the food with grace
Into H and Janick's face

(written on October 1st 2004)