To A Modern-Day Siren

inspired by Heinrich Heine's Loreley

In sweet winternights I am sitting
At home and the crackling of wood
In the chimney is gently submitting
The snowfall's soft message of good

I don't know why it is that I feel
So melancholically glad
A voice like the polish of swordsteel
Is rising inside of my head

The shadows of night are invading
My room, when the lyrics begin
To spark off a forceful unfading
Bright twinkle of starlight within

The thundering roll and the beating
Of drums echo loud in my ears
The flashes of brilliant stage lightning
Are soothing down ancient dark fears

Outside Winter's reigning and raging
But inside its demons can't crawl
This feat you've accomplished with singing
Most enchanting sweet siren of all

(written on September 14th 2004)

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