A Maiden Fairy-Tale

On a fine summer evening, on the main street of town
In a pink coloured Roadster drove a girl with no frown
In the cool breeze her brown hair was so wavy and long
Her eyes behind sunglasses sparkled clever and strong
From the boxes behind her blasted Fear is the key
At the red lights she stopped and heard The Prophecy
Quite amazed at this sound she looks towards her right
In a darkblue Ford Fiesta sat a boy, what a sight !
Fine toned muscles, long hair and an Eddie tattoo
Like a Maiden fan looked he, from head down to shoe
Oblivious to charming smiles, winks and come-ons
The girl had the habit to not even look once
At a guy and preferred to day-dream of Bruce
Cause his voice gave her bumps, just like those of a goose
But this sight was indeed quite intriguing, she thought:
A guy who loves Maiden, 'twas what she'd always sought
She smiles at the lad, he smiles back at the gal
The end of the story let me quickly now tell:
Seventh Son and Fear of the Dark joined amongst laughter
And in a Brave New World they both lived ever after!

(written on May 21st 2004)