An Eddiefying Holiday

Or: Not only fans sometimes have trouble with misheard lyrics ...

With Maiden, Ed has seen the world
But some place they have shunned
In Nepal he has never been
His trip there leaves him stunned

The mountains are so tall, so huge
Abysses loom below
In Katmandu the Potala
Is also quite a show

He meets in tiny villages
Good people, young and old
And in a valley off the road
Lies Shangri-La, he's told

There folks live in sweet harmony
With nature and with God
They laugh and sing and smile and dance
Of fear they just know naught

A camp upon a mountainside
Here lies Ed down to sleep
All tired is he and he dreams
A dream, intense and deep


He wanders in a meadow green
An orchard begs him stay
He sees sweet maidens dancing round
A coloured pole of May

That dance! - he's seen these steps before
Ed gazes as in awe
Like Janick do the maidens prance
He hears: "That is the law."

Ed turns, a young man gently smiles
A shy and happy smile
"Come with me, stranger, and I'll show
You Shangri-La's sweet isle."

In classrooms Ed is shown the kids
Who study Maiden hits
No better way to teach the young
Both hist'ry and ethics

A wedding party comes along
A rock band plays afore
"It's just what Maiden did" cries Ed,
"In Poland while on tour!"

Young toddlers bang on drumkits there
Some other strum the bass
A five-year-old proclaims quite proud:
My band's called Evil Ways!


Ed chuckles to himself and turns
The sun shines on his tent
He stretches, yawns and looks around
The dream is gone and spent

But what a wondrous thought indeed
A land where Maiden rules!
But then again, that land exists
In all their true fans' souls

When Ed's back home in Steve's barnyard
He tells his good old mate:
"This holiday was wonderful
Quite eddiefying indeed.

But, Steve, this song from Seventh Son
Is definitely not true
How could you ever call a tune
The Evil Katmandu."

(written on June 29th 2004)

Again an awesome pic by CS!