Be My Brucey!

A girl, a Maiden fan, considered a ruse
To make her boyfriend be more like sweet Bruce
In flying lessons he soon was enrolled
"Try fencing!" as well he was told
To the hairdresser she dragged the poor boy
And bought him the strangest pants with great joy
The bloke did not know what to do
When at last he had a great idea too.
You want me to be like the singer of Maiden?
Well, tonight you will have your way then.
He pushed her head down, in the pillow so deep
"Make no sound, my darling, and be sure you keep
Your back door unlatched, for I'm coming soon."
The girl, high on pleasure, did nearly swoon.
A sexy deep laugh, the guy knew his act
He finally got into this Bruce-play in fact
His hooks he had firmly and deeply in her
He came right in the hard place, I swear
The house in smoking ruins and her body at his feet:
The girl got up and hugged him: "That's my Bruce indeed!"

(written in April 2004)