Montsegur castle then incites me to spend
A couple more days driving round cathar land
After all, this French region is named after me
.... Well, ok, maybe not, but there's so much to see
In the valleys and cities of sweet Languedoc
I especially found ONE place that really did rock
I mean Carcassonne, whose medieval stone walls
And cité remind me of King Arthur's halls

Once you cross the huge fallbridge over the moat
You see not a single tarmac paved road
Cobblestone alleys, narrow and steep
Lined with small shops take you up to a keep,
This scenery makes my feel like a Middle Age chap
I really adored this amazing tourist trap!
Cause postcards and souvenir shops here abound
Swords and knights armour as well can be found
If ever you happen to be near it, have fun
And relish a crêpe in the old Carcassonne!