One morning the journey back north then began
Through the centre of Spain my route this time ran
But since never I've crossed the mighty Pyrenees
A spontaneous detour I took now to these
I adore mountain ranges so mighty and old
So strong, unrelenting, so hard and so bold
Yet this kingdom of rocks can tamper man's fears
And time and again a sweet meadow appears

Thus through the mountains I'm making my way
Up to Andorra, but to my dismay
This interesting country, so far-off and tiny
Is not as poetic as I hoped it would be

A traffic jam horror the capital is
The sweet sound of silence I dearly there miss
As high as the mountains (or so it would seem)
Loom grey the high buildings, and clutter the scene
Quite disappointing for my romantic taste
So I don't linger too long there but eagerly haste
To my next pilgrimage stop, quite a desolate place
I guess that you know where I spent the next days!