22/2 Riddle 4

The letters with the same number each time form one word. Unscramble each word and put them together into a sentence from the Run To The Hills Biography.

Clue 1

This place in two war songs Maiden use
A place where no one wins, they all lose

Clue 2

Clue 3 and 4

No matter if you are christian or not
Two archangels you should be able to name on the spot.
Because they appear in an Iron Maiden song
A good fan knows this before long!

Clue 5

Clue 6

Bruce has mentioned the man we seek here
A fantasy-creature he killed without fear.

Clue 7

A Maiden song has named the place
You have to fill into this space
Trees, swamp and also crocodile
There can be found; it's NOT the Nile.

Clue 8

Clue 9

What connects an English castle
To a famous music festival?

Clue 10

Clue 11

This capital European city
By many authors has been used
And also Maiden's bassist Harry
Two songs to write it has induced.

Clue 12

Clue 13

Bruce decided to use his middle name
Now if Adrian had chosen to do the same
Not as Adrian Smith we would know him today
But what would be his name now can you say?

Clue 14

On the Life after Death cover you can see
Eddie on the graveyard had good company
For other famous persons were buried there too
You need one of their names to solve this clue.

Clue 15

Clue 16

You don't need to be a football fan
To know against which team West Ham
Won 7:3 in 1986
According to a certain Derek Riggs.

Clue 17

Eddie, you see, has never cared for politics
That's why killing this person gave him the kicks.

Clue 18

Clue 19

Who had to die because he had been so insane
To use wings and wax to fly instead of a plane?

Clue 20

Clue 21

"Mission from 'Arry" brought him dubious fame
What we're looking for now is only his name
Up to this day we still don't know
If he was out of order during that show.

Clue 22

Clue 23

A famous battle, won by a famous man
Is now known to every Maiden fan.

Clue 24

The gruesome history of the cathars, I'm sure
Everybody now knows because of Montsegur
But the idea is not new, the fact I must state
That somebody else suffered the same fate
In an earlier Maiden song it can be seen
Now do you know which song I mean?

Clue 25