22/2 Riddle 1

With the help of the following clues, find out ...

- the order of appearance in the meeting: first, second up to the last
- the reason for being late: alarmclock, chat with fan, flat tire, missed bus, speed-control, wrong time

One day manager Rod was furiously
Waiting for Maiden, but none did he see
A meeting was scheduled, at a quarter to ten
When nobody arrived, he just broke his pen
Shouting, I hope they have a good
Reason to put me in this bad mood.
You now have to find out from the following bits
Who arrived when, and what reason threw Rod in such fits.

Bruce as you might rightly guess
Is not the one that did confess
To have had a flat tire on the way
And therefore made it late that day.
So now I don't want to confuse
But next but one after our Bruce
Came this specific Maiden man
Who was late because of a Maiden fan.

Nicko now was the guy who next but one
Arrived earlier than the one who thought he had done
Nothing wrong, because this man
Thought the meeting was at eleven and not a quarter to ten.
The one that had changed his flat tire so quick
Still arrived earlier than our drummer Nick.

So after the speed sinner arrived, two
More people
came and only then
His appearance made our Jan.

Davey had told his excuse amidst laughter
And then Adrian arrived immediately after.

Steve arrived next but one before
The one that missed the bus opened the door.

Adrian has never been an early bird
Several times this excuse Rod had heard
His alarmclock was broken, so he had been late
He stoically accepted it as late-riser's fate.

Now if I tell you that Adrian arrived last
Are you able to find out very fast
In what order each member came
And also the reason, this might juggle your brain.