Where Drumkits Blare

to the tune of Where Eagles Dare

It's showtime inside, the rumbling sound
of drumkits roar in the light
The fans they all cheer, the confident band
is waiting to hop into sight.

And Nicko goes on, as fans start to cry
There starts the show, where drumkits blare.

The cymbals and snares that stand all around
they gleam and glare through the show
The opening lines a long time passed
We're crying deep from below.

Into the night, through space and through time
Nicko is high where drumkits blare.

Bass pedal dins, the progress we hear
it's rending nigh our ears
The drumsticks swing and Nick starts to grin
he's really impossible to stop.

The band starts to play (but maybe too late)
They've got to try to match his pace.

At last Nicko cries, the roaring of drums
is echoing all through the hall
The mission complete, they make their escape
away from the eager fans.

Nick stays to throw his sticks to the fans
He chose to shine, where drumkits blare.

(written for Nicko's 53th birthday. June 5th 2005)