Part 11: With A Need To Be Free

Dave: Wow! This looks like paradise. Look at all the palmtrees!
Janick: Hmm, I’m dreading it could be Aztec-land again.
Bruce: Hehe, why, didn’t you like being a god?
Janick: Not particularly.
Steve: So, where are we? Doesn’t look too historically important to me.
Nicko: Let’s see the mission: “Bring back a sextant.” Ehm …
Dave: A sex-tent?
Adrian: Hm, there are too many palm-trees and ferns up here. Any clue in which direction is the sea?
Dave: Why?
Adrian: Because we need to find the beach.
Dave: Why?
Adrian: We want to get on a ship, right?
Dave: Why?
Steve: Sextants are measuring instruments mainly used on ships, Dave. And stop asking why all the time.
Janick: Can anyone of you think of a well-known ship? BBC said they would only send us to historically important places.
Adrian: Yeah, BBC also said that it wouldn’t be dangerous. They lied to us on that account, though.
Steve: Exactly, I don’t trust these vultures.
Adrian: Me neither.
Nicko: Ok, let’s find a ship down on the beach then. Which way shall we go?
Bruce: I once read somewhere that you could calculate the northern direction by use of the stars …
Adrian: It’s broad daylight, Bruce.
Bruce: Hmm, yeah, but this probably also works with the position of the sun …
Steve: And what exactly do you want to calculate now?
Bruce: Our position, of course. That way, we can deduce which way to go to find the beach.
Dave: Good idea.
Steve: Stupid idea. This doesn’t make sense at all.
Bruce: And why not, Mister Know-It-All?
Steve: Because you don’t even know where we are, Mister Smart-Ass. So what’s the use of knowing where the North is, when you don’t know in which direction the beach is located from here?
Bruce: Ehm … good point, I must admit.
Steve: See?
Janick: Anyway, from the position of the sun, if it’s early morning, that way is East.
Nicko: Yeah, and if it’s evening, this is West.
Dave: Now I’m confused.
Adrian: Fuck yeah, we don’t even know what time of the day it is.
Bruce: Maybe with the direction of the wind, we could find out …
Steve: Can we just go down this stupid hill and find that damn ship, please? That way. Come on.
Bruce: Ah, the chief has spoken.
Steve: I simply want to get on with the mission.

Dave: Finally, there’s the Atlantic.
Adrian: How do you know it’s the Atlantic?
Dave: I guessed.
Bruce: Not much of a beach here though. These rocks go straight down for at least 30 yards. I'd be surprised to find a mooring place for a ship here. And even if we spotted one from up here, we'd never get down without breaking our necks.
Dave: Maybe these are the cliffs of Dover.
Steve: Yeah, Dover is really famous for its palm-trees.
Dave: It is?
Nicko: Ok, guys, we better get back up the hill and try another path down.

After lots of scrambling through fern-trees ...

Dave: See, there's a path leading down to the Atlantic!
Janick: I have an idea!
Steve: Yeah, what?
Janick: Maybe we have to find a ship-wreck.
Adrian: Oh, no! Do you mean we have to dive?
Nicko: ‘kin great. I went scuba-diving on the Maldives some years ago. It was awesome.
Bruce: I don’t know, it could be dangerous. There might be sharks in the water.
Dave: Oops! Are there sharks in the Atlantic?
Adrian: Of course there are. Ever seen Jaws?
Steve: And we don’t even know whether this is the Atlantic, so stop mentioning it all the time.
Janick: Don’t you think it’s awfully quiet here?
Bruce: Yeah, we have been walking for half an hour now and we haven’t seen a soul.
Dave: Maybe there is nobody here.
Steve: Great, and how do you think the ship got here then?
Dave: What ship?
Steve: The one we have to find to get the sextant, fuck!
Nicko: Well, if it’s a wreck, we are wasting our time here.
Bruce: Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted ships ...
Nicko: I’m afraid I have to dive after all. Looking forward to it.
Bruce: Dive! Dive! Dive! Hehe.
Nicko: Do you think this camera can also be used under-water?
Bruce: Running silent running deep, you are our final prayer ...
Steve: Bruce! Stop singing all the time. And Nicko, you’re not gonna dive.
Nicko: Fuck my old boots! And why not?
Steve: Because we don’t have the equipment. How will you breathe under water? You will never reach the ship.
Bruce: Maybe he is a master of apnoea?
Adrian: Huh?
Bruce: Means he would be able to stay under water for a long time without breathing.
Nicko: No, I’m afraid I can't do that. You’re right, ‘Arry, this can’t be the solution.
Dave: There’s a ship! In that bay over there.
Janick: And a very old looking at that. It’s our lucky day.
Steve: It looks abandoned.
Adrian: Well, that’s good then. Easy for us.
Bruce: Yeah, no fighting over who’s gonna get the last sextant available, hehe.
Steve: Well, I’m worried. Where are all the people that have come with the ship?
Janick: Does it matter?
Steve: They might be watching us while we speak ...
Dave: Oops.
Steve: ... or they might have died of cholera …
Bruce: Aren’t you a bit paranoid, ‘Arry? Do you think we will encounter the zombies of the ancient mariners? You’re reading too much Coleridge. Life-in Death and all that …
Steve: Stop monkeying, Bruce. I’m serious. This place looks too dead for my liking.
Janick: Yeah, I also have a creepy feeling.
Bruce: I see the ghosts of navigators ...
Adrian: Well, we need the sextant. So we have to get on the ship. There’s no way around it, I guess.
Steve: Damn! Ok, but let's keep a watchful eye while we proceed.
Bruce: AARGH!!! Zombies attacking from the left!
Steve: STOP THAT BRUCE! If they haven’t heard us yet, they have now.
Dave: Who is THEY?
Bruce: The aliens, hehe.
Steve: I’m gonna gag you, if you don’t shut up.
Nicko: Wait, I zoomed the ship in with the camera. Guess what I was able to read on the ship's side?
Adrian: The name of the ship?
Nicko: Exactly! It’s the BOUNTY.
Bruce: WOW! I'm impressed.
Dave: What a coincidence. A while ago I saw a movie about a ship called Bounty.
Steve: Dave, the Bounty really existed.
Dave: Really? Cool. You think that’s the ship?
Janick: Of course, that must the ship. It’s historically important. I was right, then.
Steve: Great, so we have to deal with a bunch of mutineers. Fuck!
Adrian: Sometimes I wonder why on earth I had to get back into Maiden.
Nicko: Because you craved aventure?
Bruce: Hehe, so Davey, you were wrong about the Atlantic.
Steve: Not THAT again.
Bruce: I’m just saying … the Bounty stranded in the Pacific. On an island called … something with Pit … ehm …
Adrian: Hell’s Pit?
Bruce: Nah.
Dave: Pitbull?
Bruce: Hehe, good joke.
Janick: Pity we have to be here?
Adrian: That’s a good one.
Steve: Can you be serious for a minute? It was Pitcairn Island, I have seen the movie too.
Bruce: Right! Pitcairn Island. Now I remember.
Nicko: We have never played a gig here.
Steve: And we never will, believe me.
Bruce: Hehe, our PA equipment would probably sink the island when we put it to full blast.
Adrian: So, who is going aboard the ship?
Nicko: I would like to have a look around and film it. I’m going.
Steve: Good, we will watch out for problems and we call you if someone shows up.
Nicko: I can’t go alone though.
Janick: Why not?
Nicko: I don’t really know what a sextant looks like, I’m afraid.
Bruce: But I do. I have seen a couple in war museums in Europe. I’m coming with you.

Steve: What the fuck are they doing in there? They've been gone for 20 minutes already.
Janick: Maybe it’s hard to find a sextant.
Steve: More likely Bruce is playing tourist again.
Adrian: Should I go have a look?
Steve: No, this time I’m going. I’m gonna have a word with him. You three stay here and call us when there’s trouble ahead.
Dave: Ok.
Adrian: Fuck! There are two men approaching. Let’s hide on the side of the ship.
Ned Young: I don’t know, Fletcher, do you think that’s a good idea?
Fletcher Christian: We have to take precautions, Ned. Nobody shall ever be able to locate the Bounty again.
Ned Young: But that way we will be stranded here forever.
Fletcher Christian: So be it then. We don’t have a home to return to anyway. Death is the only reward for mutiny, you knew that when you chose my side.
Dave: What are they planning to do?
Adrian: Shhh ...
Ned Young: Did you hear that?
Fletcher Christian: Must have been the wind. Come on, let us not lose more time and burn her down before the others object.
Janick: Damn, they are going to burn the ship. We have to warn the others.
Adrian: Ok, I’m going in. I try to be quick. See you later.

Steve: … We don’t have time for that Bruce. You’re NOT gonna have a look at the cannons in the hull.
Bruce: You are such a spoilsport, ‘Arry. … Ey, H? What are you doing here?
Adrian: Ah, there you are. We have to get out of here, the mutineers are going to burn down the ship.
Steve: WHAT?
Adrian: Yeah, so that nobody can leave the island again.
Nicko: Fuck my old boots! They already started, I can smell the smoke.
Bruce: Ok, no sight-seeing of the cannons, let’s get out.
Adrian: Not that way, that’s the beach-end of the ship. The fire’ll probably come from there.
Steve: Fuck there is so much smoke in here, I can’t see anything.
Bruce: Let’s get on deck first. We have to reach the ladder before it burns down.

Dave: There's Nicko and Bruce! They made it back on deck.
Janick: But they can’t reach the ladder, that part is already burning.

Bruce: Fuck, we can’t reach the ladder anymore. Too late. Damn.
Nicko: I’m afraid we have to jump in the water after all.
Steve: Fuck, what about the sharks?
Nicko: Better sharks than charred. Meet you on the beach, guys!
Bruce: Ok, diving-time. On the way down to Davey Jones … Adios!
Adrian: Come on, Steve!
Steve: Fuck. This is so damn high.
Adrian: What?
Steve: I don’t think I can jump from up here.
Adrian: Oh, damn, because of your fear of heights? Come on, a fall in the water won’t hurt you and you can swim.
Steve: I can’t do it, H, no way. I can’t jump from this height.
Adrian: We have to, you don’t want to burn alive, do you?

Dave: What are they waiting for?
Bruce: Hehe, Nicko, I won the race! You owe me a pint.
Nicko: Hehe, you were more afraid of the sharks than me, that’s why you were swimming quicker.
Bruce: Yeah, whatever. But I still had the sextant to carry. Don’t forget that. … Eh, Dave, what are you looking at? ... What are those two still doing up there? Why don’t they jump?
Janick: No idea. They seem to have a problem.
Dave: Woah, H has just pushed ‘Arry overboard. Do you think they had a fight?
Bruce: Why would anybody have a fight with H?
Nicko: Yeah, and they seemed alright when we left them.
Janick: Come on guys, you nearly made it. Argh, this smoke is getting unbearable.
Bruce: Yeah, very bad for my vocal chords. And I want dry clothes as well.
Dave: So, what happened up there?
Steve: Let’s go back. I’ve had enough.
Dave: Oh-oh. What happened, H?
Adrian: Fear of heights. He wouldn’t jump. I had to push him overboard to get him out of there.
Bruce: Hehe, had I known that, I would have stayed longer. I've always wanted to push ‘Arry off a ship.
Steve: Are you done laughing now? Can we go home?
Adrian: Look, Steve, I’m sorry. I had to do it.
Steve: Yeah, don’t worry, it’s ok. You’re probably right. I’m not angry with you. I just want dry clothes and forget all about it, ok?
Janick: Ok, I'll push the red buttons then.