Solution of 22/2 Riddle 2

1st clue: ARE

Déja Vu
Run To The Hills

2nd clue: YOU

Hooks In You

3rd clue: HOW

When Two Worlds Collide

4th clue: GONNA

Edge Of Darkness

5th clue: WHEREVER

Wasting Love
Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
Back In The Village
Lightning Strikes Twice

6th clue: NO

Public Enema Number One

7th clue: YOU

Only The Good Die Young

8th clue: IRON

The Ides of March

9th clue: MATTER

Dream of Mirrors
Aces High
From Here To Eternity

10th clue: MAIDEN'S

Mother Russia
Run Silent Run Deep
Sun and Steel

11th clue: FAR

Dance Of Death
Wasted Years

12th clue: GET

Alexander The Great

Solution Sentence:

Wherever you are Iron Maiden's gonna get you no matter how far