Solution of 22/2 Riddle 1

Bruce showed up first although he got
Held up by the police for a mugshot
For speeding he had to pay a fine
And therefore could not be on time.

Soon after Bruce entered Steve
Dirty trousers and dirty sleeve
He explained it quick and was no liar
On the way he had to change his flat tyre.

Nick entered third, he was in good mood
He met a fan outside who would
Not let him go before he had signed
Twenty-five T-shirts of “Piece of Mind”.

Seeing the bus was as crowded as this
Jan wasn't unhappy that he did miss
The ride and showed up much later
This made Rod's anger even greater.

Soon after Janick came in our Dave
He didn't understand what was the rave
In his time-planner it had been hard to read
If the time was 10 or 11 when they should meet.

The band was complete when Adrian showed up
The first thing he did was pour himself a cup
Of strong coffee, he was not yet all awake
He slept longer because his alarmclock did break.